Finding Out About Nutritious Fresh Fish Online

by Connie Sears

The internet is nowadays a source of information for anything one can imagine. People can even search for fresh fish online, and find a wealth of interesting tips and tricks about everything they need to know. This type of food is one of the healthiest available, and should be consumed on a regular basis. It is a source of many essential minerals and nutrients, such as calcium, omega-3 and iodine, and is considered as a protein.

Certain finned creatures are healthier to consume than others. Some can also be eaten every day, while others are recommended to be eaten less often. This is due to their high mercury content. Safe salmon varieties are the Coho, sockeye and king salmon, and sardines, herring, catfish and anchovies are best for regular meals as well.

Those with slightly higher mercury levels can be safely consumed once per week. They include the sablefish, red snapper and black sea bass. Pregnant women are warned against eating the types that contain the highest mercury content, as they could be harmful. They should also be declined by women who are breast-feeding, and by women who are trying to conceive.

The species within the oceans that are deemed as potentially harmful to one's health include swordfish, king mackerel, shark and the blue and yellow fin tuna. There are also other varieties that should be avoided. This type of food is still possibly unhealthy when it is purchased in a can, or when it has been processed by manufacturers.

There are a number of ways that one can determine if their finned meal is freshly caught and not spoiled in any manner. A good smell is an indication of freshness. It should have a clean and slightly 'fishy' smell, but the aroma should not be too strong. Some types will smell similar to the beach, or muddy water, depending on from where they are caught.

Feel the skin of the one you want to buy, and make sure that it does not feel overly slippery or slimy. The skin should be taught and firm, and should not leave an impression if you place pressure on it. It should easily spring back to its original form, and not leave a hole. This will indicate if it has been freshly caught or not.

The eyes and coloration of the body can be examined. The eyes should look almost as if the vertebrate is still living. They should not be sunken or protruding. Sunken eyes show that the animal has lost moisture, which means that it could have been dead for some time. Underneath the gills there should be a reddish color, and the body should be quite brightly colored, with no gray or brown areas.

If you are looking for ideas for tasty, but healthy meals, try searching for fresh fish online. You will come across many ways of making different varieties of fishes, and discover which ones are easier to prepare. Those with more bones are bit trickier to eat, such as pike, but catfish is a favorite because it has no scales. For omega-3 consumption, salmon is best.

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