Find The Best Bakery Santa Barbara Provides

by Patrice McCoy

When entering a bakery, you are immediately aware of an array of tantalizing aromas. In addition, in front of you, will be a display of the most delectable cakes, pastries and breads. Often the most difficult task may be to choose what you want from the many items on offer. Some of the most popular items include bagels, cupcakes, and cookies, and details on how to find the best bakery Santa Barbara provides, can be found online.

A firm favorite is always the bagel, which is always in demand first thing in the morning. Bagels are made from a bread dough, with added honey, sugar or syrup to give them a slightly sweet taste and chewy texture. They are often shaped into rings, but there are a number of versions, and all come with a selection of toppings.

Another popular choice is apple pie, which has long been symbolic of prosperity and the American dream. This dish has been enjoyed for hundreds of years, with the first apple tress being planted with seed brought over by the early settlers of America. It can be eaten with a topping of cream or if preferred ice-cream.

Cookies are always a favorite with everyone, and can nearly always be found on display in any bakery. They are made from flour, fat, eggs and sugar, and then sliced into rounds to be baked. Additional ingredients are often added, including chocolate chips, nuts and fruits to give extra flavor. There are also versions of cookies which use dry ingredients, which don't require cooking but are refrigerated, and then sliced into rounds.

The popularity of cupcakes has risen dramatically over the last few years, with specialist shops also emerging to meet the demand. The main features of this cake are a flavored batter, which when cooked is topped with a generous amount of frosting. Varieties include chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, coffee and lime as well as many more.

Danish pastries are usually seen on display in most bakeries, starting to be fashionable in the 1920's. Made from flaky pastry, which is created by rolling layers of dough and butter together, repeating this procedure several times. These pastries can have an assortment of toppings added, which can include, fruit, jam or a sweet cheese.

A bakery would not be complete without donuts, and they come in all shapes and sizes. The batter is fried in hot oil to give a crispy outer layer, with a soft dough inside. The donuts are then dipped in sugar, chocolate, or icing and sprinkles may then also be added. Alternatively, the donuts may be formed into round balls, and have a mixture of jam or custard inserted into the middle.

These are just a few of the cakes and pastries you will find in any good establishment. They can be enjoyed by all members of the community, and hold a place in many people's heart representing times of celebration and sadness. If you are looking a find a really good bakery Santa Barbara has some of the very best, whose details are available on the internet.

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