Feel The Heat With Ghost Pepper Wing Sauce

by Rena Hudson

Sauces add flavor, texture and color to any dish. There are different sauces that one can enjoy with different dishes but some are firm favorites. For instance, there are many sauces that can be served with chicken. It is ghost pepper wing sauce though that is the favorite of many.

There is a basic recipe for it but there are several variations of it. This sauce is loved for the kick, heat and burn it gives chicken wings which are a popular starter dish. Wings are also popularly served with drinks as accompaniments in bars and as snacks.

It is very easy to prepare it with the basic recipe. It is made with eight chili peppers, a couple of ghost peppers, one teaspoon of black pepper from a grind, two flat teaspoons of salt and two cups of vinegar. It is a good idea to handle the ghost peppers with gloves because they are very hot and can cause the hands to itch. If you should accidentally touch your eyes after touching the peppers, your eyes will sting. The peppers need to be washed and then dried well. You can dry them with paper towels.

Trim the stems on the peppers. Remove the seeds and also membranes and discard them. Slice the peppers up then put them in a blender. Put in the black pepper, two cups of vinegar and salt. Blend the mixture on medium speed until the mixture is smooth.

There are several variations of the basic recipe. One is the pineapple ghost pepper sauce where pineapples and other spices like cinnamon are added. There is also the Danny Cash Fallen Angel, mad dog 357 and heartbreaking dawns 1841 among other variations.

Some people cannot stand the heat of ghost peppers. It can be reduced by adding ingredients that give it some sweetness. This can be done by adding some ketchup, butter, honey, some sugar and some olive or vegetable oil. Adding sweet fruit also works. Some people prefer apples whose flavor works well with vinegar. Another good option is ripe mango which is sweet and also works well with spices as it does in mango chutney.

If you like your sauce with no chunks of pepper in them, strain the sauce to remove them. Put it in a glass jar, cover it with a life and keep it in the refrigerator until it is ready to be used. The sauce will keep for up to two weeks as long as it is kept in the refrigerator.

Apart from putting it on chicken wings, ghost pepper wing sauce can be used on burgers, ribs and other kinds of meat apart from chicken. You can also add it into stews and other dishes. It can be served on the side in a condiment holder so that people can add as much or as little as they want considering how hot it is. You can pour it over the wings or other dish that you are serving it with.

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