Feel The Heat With Bhut Jolokia Sauce

by Laura Gallagher

Nearly a century ago, chemist Wilbur Scoville devised a method of measuring the heat given off by capsaicin, the tongue-burning active ingredient found in chili peppers. The highest ranking on that scale is currently held by the peppers used to create Bhut Jolokia sauce, a delicious, but extremely potent flavoring.

The climate in that region of the subcontinent is perfect for producing this eye-smarting, 3' long brightly-colored pepper. It was originally used locally not only as a flavoring, but also as a way to induce sweat and cooling. It is so potent that local people have incorporated it in smoke bombs used to ward off incursions of wild elephants.

Warnings of potential heat hazards are sometimes even printed on the seed packets of this fiery plant. Yet, in spite of its intensity, use and popularity continues to increase all around the world. The kick it adds to foods is strong and undeniable, and there are also additional physical benefits for users.

This pepper can clear out stuffy sinuses, and assists digestion, in spite of its incredible heat. Many people report that this condiment also acts as a natural diet aid, helping to control cravings for high-calorie snacks. It elevates moods, and is even thought to inhibit certain harmful bacteria responsible for food poisoning.

The pepper itself is often cooked in combination with garlic, vinegar, onions, and a variety of other ingredients. The resulting fiery liquid can be spooned over nearly any kind of food that goes well with heat, depending on individual preference. It can be purchased on line, in specialty stores, and in some mainstream supermarkets.

The hottest chili pepper currently available rarely disappoints. Whether you choose to create your own home-grown recipe, or prefer to buy bhut jolokia sauce already cooked, its unique properties can become habit forming for intrepid eaters. Many claim that eating the pepper induces euphoria, and that alone may be a good enough reason to give it a try.

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