Features Of The Jenn Air 30 Range

by Stephen Allen Hiles

The Jenn Air 30 range has many features to offer. Shopping for new kitchen appliances is a big task. With so many makes and models to chose from it is important to know all the great features that come with this stylish model. A range is one piece of equipment that will be in daily use, and it is crucial to buy a product that can be relied upon.

Shoppers are looking for not only a reliable appliance, but also one that looks good. Remodeling a kitchen is probably the most expensive home improvement job. After all they work a homeowner will want to finish it off with a beautiful new stove and the thirty inch range will fit right in. It will slide gracefully into its assign spot and become the focal point of the new kitchen.

In the electric version there is a flat glass top that makes cleaning very easy. A simple wipe down after use keeps the stove looking great. The controls are also designed to be very easy to use. The burners heat up very quickly to aid in faster cooking times. They also cool down fast when no longer in use.

The range is also available in gas powered. There are four burners, with a simmer feature and a high output burner. This makes every type of cooking job that much easier. With electronic ignition and cast iron grates, this stove not only performs well but looks great.

The gas stove is also very popular. Some cooks swear by cooking over a gas burner and will not work with anything else. They will be delighted with all the features available in the thirty inch ranges. These start with four burners that are made of sleek cast iron. Electronic ignition makes them easy to light. Special simmer burner options are very useful for dishes that burn easily.

In customer reviews the stove received very good ratings. It was considered to be excellent value for money, and gave a great performance in day to day cooking. It is loaded with additional features that make it easy to operate. The overall rating was excellent.

The Jenn Air 30 range is a great pick for anyone looking to update or replace a range. It offers all the features a serious cook is looking for and makes a great asset to any kitchen. With a reputation for value and reliability the company has long been at the forefront of appliance technology.

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