Features Of A Good Fine Dining Barrie Ontario Establishment

by Sharlene Fleming

Many people are looking for the best fine dining Barrie Ontario restaurants. Those who enjoy a high class culinary experience should spend some time looking for the best places to eat. There are such a wide range of establishments that cater to every kind of taste. One of the best ways to find good places to eat is by talking to friends who know the area well.

Many people spend time looking for a really great restaurant that offers the type of food they particularly enjoy. This may be Italian, French or a blend of continental cuisine. No matter what the origins of the food, the main feature will be the use of the absolute freshest ingredients. Many establishments are now focusing on organic dishes. These are extremely popular as they represent only the best foods available.

One of the most important feature of a high class restaurant is its location. This must be in a good area of town, preferably on a quiet tree lined street. Great views are also an advantage along with outdoor seating. The summer months are the perfect time to sit outside and enjoy a cocktail before sitting down to eat. Well tended plants and flowers are essential, to add to the charm.

Simple but fresh ingredients make the best food. Many chefs are very aware of utilizing the best local produce. They spend time cultivating a relationship with the local farmers to have access to the highest quality meats, cheeses and vegetables. The menu will reflect season specials that incorporate local fruits in the summer and delicious fall flavors like pumpkin and squash.

An up scale dining establishment will be characterized by its excellent service. The waitstaff should be highly trained and well turned out. Most restaurants will insist upon a uniform, which is usually black shirt and pants. The staff will be very knowledgeable and able to answer any questions about the menu and also to make recommendations to the guests.

The menu is the most important factor of any restaurant. However, as with every other aspect of a fine dining experience the menu will be top notch. The dishes will be beautifully prepared with an extraordinary eye for detail. They will be served on plates and dishes that complement them, with decorations and garnishes that are out of the ordinary. It will be clear that many hours of thought and care has gone into the selection of every ingredient. The chef will take the utmost pride in his work and this will show in everything that leaves the kitchen.

The decor of the establishment will also be beautifully created. This can range from an old fashioned look with thick crystal glass wear, pastel linens and flowers on the table, all the way up to an ultra modern theme. Many restaurants choose to adopt a sleek modern look, with bold colors and crisp lines. This can work just as well, as long as the atmosphere is warm and welcoming.

An evening out at a fine dining Barrie Ontario restaurant should be a memorable occasion. The guests should leave feeling that their entire experience was perfect, from the moment the stepped through the door, to the moment they left. Service should be outstanding and the food truly unique. This should all be enjoyed in a beautiful setting that creates an atmosphere of charm and romance.

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