Favorite Pasta Sauces For Recipe Blogs

by Stephanie Skinner

A pasta is one easy meal to whip in no time. It is one of the most enjoyed dish all over the world. Many blogs about Paris would never fail to mention the gastronomical experiences from a wide variety of pasta dishes. The wide pasta selection is categorized based on the sauce being added to the pasta.

Cold pasta noodles are perfect for salad recipes. It goes well with mayo and vinegar dressing, perfect for people on diet and carbohydrate load. Pasta is also great for fruits salads. A perfect example would be the macaroni and ribbon pasta.

White sauce or Bechamel is a classic favorite for people who find cream and milk base dishes appealing. This sauce is often paired with flat noodles or fettuccine depending on the texture of the sauce. Bacon and garlic combination is often preferred especially in preparing white sauce Carbonara dish.

Red sauce is created with tomatoes or and dark stocks including red wine. It is best with with traditional pasta Bolognese and spaghetti. It is prepared in sour, to salty and sweet mixture. The oldest and most traditionally preferred Italian sauce base pasta is using red sauce.

Lighter blend pastas are categorized with oil base sauces. This is usually done with white wine, butter, or olive oil. Most oil base pasta sauces are mixed with other base sauces. It is also preferred when making vegetarian pasta.

Basil and nuts are the basic component is making pesto sauce. This is a very special sauce base usually preferred by vegetarians. It is very high in fiber. The nutty taste is unique compared to other sauce bases. For creamier taste, milk and butter is added.

The good thing about pasta recipes is that all possible ingredients can be considered. Many blogs about Paris can show a wide variation of options in making pasta dishes. It is considered as one of the easiest process in gourmet cooking.

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