Family Recipe BBQ Sauce For Sale

by Angel Dudley

Everyone loves barbecued steaks, steaks, hamburgers or chicken on the grille. It can bring life to pork chops and is a must for slow cooking succulent ribs. Many people buy BBQ sauce for sale at local stores, and many others carefully mix secret family recipes and spread the secret sauce over meats, creating a truly one-of-a-kind barbecue experience.

For anyone who has ever thought about selling your own sauce, but then dismissed the idea, this may not be as impossible as many people think. Most businesses start with an initial concept, and most states have regulations and guidelines in place for those interested in launching their own food products. Marketing products can be a fun experience for those who know who take a little time to learn the process.

To start, request information from the state on what licenses, regulations and restriction for making and selling food products. A business license is generally required for all food products. Other requirements may exist for selling products out of state or over the Internet. Those launching this type of business should expect that product will be made at a separate location than home facilities. All ingredients are also normally stored at a separate location than home.

This doesn't always mean going into debt for heavy equipment. When just starting out its certainly possible to rent local kitchen space. Some churches will rent out kitchen space a few days a week to those eager to pursue making recipes, but don't have the money to purchase or rent a large building. This is usually enough to satisfy the state requirements.

Later, after profits have occurred it will be easier to make these investments. This will also give time to secure small business or bank loans to cover these costs. Until then renting facilities is a good option.

It's also good to consider how the product will be bottled and labeled for sales. This should also comply with any state regulations. Think about if it will be offered in an individual bottle, or if it will be packaged as part of a barbecue kit? Once product is ready think about how to launch and market the new product.

A few ways to market are entering barbecue sauce competitions, renting booths at fairs, festivals and flea markets. Set up a stand at such events and fry beef, ribs, chicken and hamburgers, coating them with the barbecue sauce. Offer them to those in attendance. This is a good way to build sales, sell product, and build consumers.

For those interested in selling product to stores or local restaurants it may become necessary to meet with regional purchasing agents, regional store managers, which may mean a trip out of state. Don't expect them to add your product on the spot, it may take some convincing. Most will already have BBQ sauce for sale options in stores to choose from. Convincing them to add another one, which will reduce space another company is allowed may take some hard figures, research, and sales data.

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