Facts Regarding Quality Chicken Processing

by Patty Summers

Many people will really adore eating poultry. Poultry will compose a huge chunk of the diet of plenty of people. It could be eaten in most areas of the world. One could not find religious sectors which bans eating of fowls except those involving pescetarians, vegetarians, and vegans. Such kind of meat will be easy to prepare, light, and tasty. One could have them stewed, fried, or grilled, among others. One could add them to sandwiches, soups, and salads too. They could be processed into sausages, hotdogs, and meat loaves as well. The poultry which one could find in their deli stores, groceries, and butcher shops are products of high quality chicken processing. One must learn more regarding this then.

It would be important to know the various steps that the birds would undergo before they reach your plate. These chickens would come from various farms. They would be properly grown, fed, and cared for. When ready, they would be placed in crates and delivered to specific broiler houses. These birds would then be placed in holding rooms. It would be important to keep these birds calm during this step. This would prevent them from getting agitated, restless, and irritable. They may move too much then get injured. Internal injuries can cause discolorations in their meat.

Chickens will then undergo stunning. The birds would have to be stunned so unconscious can be achieved. The birds cannot feel the pain when they get killed through this. Once killed, bleeding would be allowed to happen. The meat can be discolored by the blood, so bleeding is crucial. Proper discarding and treatment will be done to the blood too.

Scalding will occur after the bleeding then. The scalding process can remove feathers, clean the birds, and kill germs. To prevent cooking of the birds, proper temperatures are needed. So cleanliness would be ensured, frequent changes of water is crucial. They will then do plucking. Pinfeathers would be effectively removed with this. Large machines are usually used for this process.

Such birds will be cut then. They will remove feet, oil glands, and head. They will perform evisceration too. In such step, vital organs will be removed. Such organs will be stored, cleaned, and processed. The carcass will be cut up too. Some will remain whole. Some will be cut to drumsticks, thighs, breasts, and wings, depending on the demands.

These birds would then be washed after. They would usually be washed with cold water. They may also be blasted with chilled air. Proper temperatures would be needed for this. It would ensure safety, preservation, and quality. Chilling would prepare meat for long term freezing.

Some parts would also be processed further. Some can be marinated. Special marinating ingredients would be used. They would be injected to the meat. The pieces would also be placed into tumblers. This would ensure proper penetration and uniform distribution.

Chickens will be properly packaged then. They will be accurately weighed. They will then undergo sealing, tagging, and shipping.

These steps would be involved in quality chicken processing. So safe, choice, and healthy poultry meat would be provided to customers, such steps are needed. Poultry can then be consumed without any worries.

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