Facts Regarding Bhut Jolokia Sauce

by Tameka Ware

Many people love spicy foods. Ingesting spicy foods could be really satisfying, challenging, and appetizing. It will leave people wanting for more. For this reason, many will integrate spicy factors for appetizers so the appetite will be enhanced. There are various sources for the spiciness. Frequently, spiciness is extracted from peppers. Peppers could come also in various forms. They could have their own characteristics, taste, and intensity. They are found also in many places. Powders, sauces, and condiments could be extracted from such peppers. Among these could be bhut jolokia sauce. This is a very famous hot condiment. Learn more details on this then.

Various names can be used for this. The area of cultivation can have their own name for this. Ghost chili, cobra chili, and ghost pepper can be other names for this. Tepzur chili, Indian rough chili, and Indian mystery chili would be other terms too. The pepper's extreme heat inspired such names.

This is considered an interspecific hybrid. They have C. Frutescens, and C. Chinense genes. These pepper fruits could vary in color from brown, red, orange, and yellow. The fruits could be rough or smooth. The length, sizes, and diameter could differ. The shape, pod, and skin thickness is different with other peppers.

This pepper is found in various places. It is usually cultivated in India, in the Assam and Nagaland regions. It can also be found in Bangladesh. It may also be found in Sri Lanka. This pepper is only found in the Indian subcontinent. The area where it is cultivated can actually have an effect on its spiciness.

This was heralded as the world's spiciest pepper. Guinness awarded such title in 2007. As compared to the ordinary Tabasco sauce, this pepper is 400 times more hot. The Scoville scale is being used for calculating the pepper's spiciness or pungency. Human tasters would determine the Scoville heat unit. Dilution of the pepper extracts would be done until heat is no longer detected. Ghost peppers have 855,000 SHU. Ordinary Tabasco sauces sport only 2,500-5,000 units.

Pungency or spiciness can also be measured by HPLC. It is more objective since it would measure heat producing chemical levels. The HPLC units of this pepper is equivalent to more than a million SHU. In HPLC, ASTA units are used, but it can be converted to SHU.

Such pepper is added usually in cooking. There are various dishes made with such pepper. It could be utilized in buffalo wings, salsas, and curries. It could be powdered and dried too. Spicy foods are eaten usually for relieving heat. This will induce perspiration which will lower body heat.

It is also used in India for wild elephant control. It can be smeared in fences. It can also be used in smoke bombs. It is also used for modern defense. It is being developed into hand grenades to be used in controlling terrorists, mobs, and riots. It is also being developed into pepper spray to be used in self defense.

There are really many interesting things about bhut jolokia sauce. It is more than just for spicy foods. It can have culinary, defense, and practical applications too.

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