Facts About Creating A Great Tasting Louisiana Barbeque Sauce

by Pamela Rivera

The Southern region of the United States is well known for delicious and robust recipes. One method of achieving such flavor is by covering food in a great tasting Louisiana barbeque sauce. The versatile coating is great for outdoor grilling or goes well on meals prepared inside. Best of all, there is a wide range of variations that will suit any type of occasion.

The best way to create a great southern BBQ is to do it from scratch. This is the only method of making a sauce that is truly mouthwatering. It also allows the cook to modify ingredients and control heat levels.

Although the recipes have many variations, there are a few ingredients that are standard for creating an authentic taste. Everything is easily found at any grocery store or supermarket. Make a list before going out to reduce the risk of leaving out anything when shopping.

The primary ingredient will be tomato based, which can include juice, sauce, puree or simple ketchup. The second important factor is adding in something to make a bit of sweetness. Some people prefer to use brown sugar, while others add in molasses or corn syrup. The other crucial item to put in is mustard or vinegar, which will help to offset the sweetness and provide a bit of a bite. Additional add-ins are whiskey, apple cider or marmalade. Spices, such as garlic, cayenne pepper, liquid smoke and onion powder, may also be thrown in to enhance the flavor.

After getting all of the items together, they should be put into a large cooking pot and stirred over low heat. Simmering the liquid allows all of the flavors and spices to blend in, while creating a strong flavor. Many cooks will spend an entire day perfecting the concoction with some even making it far in advance.

There is a variety of recipes that demand the use of BBQ sauces, with some relying on traditions and others a bit less ordinary. The most typical product to use the mixture on is pork products like spare ribs. Cook the meat on a hot outdoor grill until it is almost done, then spread on the liquid and allow it to caramelize. An extra ten minutes will ensure that the end results are pure perfection.

Along with spareribs, the concoction may also be used on a roast for fabulous pulled pork sandwiches. Simply place the meat into a crock pot and cover it with the sweet liquid. Set the slow cooker for ten hours on low heat and then walk away from it. By day's end the dish will be tender and falling apart with a sweet taste that cannot be achieved any other way. Serve it with some potato salad or coleslaw for a complete meal that everyone is sure to enjoy.

Creating a perfect tasting homemade Louisiana barbeque sauce is quite simple. Just gather up all of the ingredients and stir them together on low heat for a few hours. The meal will be a sure hit and everyone is going to be satisfied.

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