Essential Facts About Whipped Cream Chargers

by Ethel Harris

If you are a kitchen person, someone who works around using whip creams in baking cakes, then you may have heard about nangs, whippets and nossies. These are more commonly referred to as whipped cream chargers. They are cylinders usually made of steel that contain the substance, nitrous oxide. They are popularly used as whipping agents that will be added to a dispenser in a manner similar to a siphon outfitted with a cartridge. This cartridge comes with contents to be injected into creams, making foams that appear light and frothy.

The typical charger cylinders have a length of about 2.5 inches and a width of 0.7 inch. Their ends are known to form narrow tips which will need tight screwing into dispensers for piercing. The piercing will result to the cylinders releasing their contents into the dispensers. Standard cooking will require only at least 1 cartridge but never more than 2.

Homeowners need to ensure that their dispensers will not be filled beyond maximum to prevent the contents from mixing with N2O. Right after piercing the cylinders, the dispensers should be shaken just to allow the contained ingredients to mix with the injected air. Shaking for 20 seconds would usually suffice. During the shaking procedure, fat soluble gasses are expected to dissolve and mix with the dispenser contents.

Because of the shaking, there will be pressure built within the insides of dispensers. This pressure is what will force the contents out of the nozzles when the levers or the valves will be pressed. Gases that have dissolved into the contents of the dispenser will return to their original gaseous state and create foams more than four times the original volume of liquids. However, the foams to be produced in this manner are not stable and may return to their liquid state after thirty minutes.

A whipped cream charger is known for its many different uses. However, it is used mainly in making whip creams. You can choose to sweeten the resulting foam by adding sugar or perhaps, add in food coloring for a decorative purpose. Add-ons would often be great for restaurant or coffee shop applications.

Chargers are also known for their culinary use. Foams may be created with flavor by adding liquids or purees together with gelatin. A charger may be used for whipping cake batter, custards and meringue as well. The resulting foams can be cold or hot. The cold foams will have to put in dispensers which will be soaked into iced water for around 15 minutes. The hot foams, on the contrary, should be kept in dispensers soaked in hot water.

Chargers can be very cheap sources for nitrous oxide which can be an oxidizer for polyethylene and other solid fuels. This N2O substance can be used to power model rockets as well. It can allow a rocket to fly higher by improving its combustion.

However, charger contents are prone to abuse as well. This is mainly because they have psychoactive effects, prompting them to be taken as inhalants. Moreover, they are inexpensive and very easy to acquire because of commercial availability.

People should be wary of the effects of inhaling the N2O in whipped cream chargers though. Over time, the act can cause damage to major organs including the brain, lungs and heart. This can also cause dizziness, heart palpitations and headaches.

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