Entering Into The World Of Spices And Rubs

by Chloe Gib

Sitting down to a delicious meal is the result of great taste and combination of flavors. The ingredients used to create it depends on who is doing the cooking and what type of flavor enhancers they use. Flavor and texture are achieved with the condiments that include spices and rubs.

These seasonings date back as far as 5,000 BC. The ancient Egyptians were known for using herbs to cook, and preserve. They are also known for using herb as medicine. The Chinese are by far the most well documented users of spices and herbs, plus without questions India is rich with these exotic seasonings.

Explorers have traveled from the Orient and opened up ways to bring many of the exotic spices to Western shores. The results are still being enjoyed today. Many cuisines can be thankful to the trade routes that opened.

Flavoring food with rubs that are made from these seasonings have been used for centuries. Each culture has its own flavors that makes their cuisine unique. They come from all over the Orient, the Middle East, and Africa. What has resulted is a blending of cultures through food.

Rubs have gained a lot of attention recently, because they not only give flavor to food, but they can also be used to preserve meat. In ancient cultures these culinary techniques kept food from spoiling, since there was no refrigeration.

Aside from preserving and enhancing the flavor of food, they also serve another purpose. They have medicinal attributes. Such types as cinnamon, and garlic are widely used in the healing process.

Eastern societies have used them to treat cancers, and prevent diseases that include heart disease, diabetes, and they have been successful. One of the things that they contain is phytonutrients. The western civilizations are slowly catching on to the power they possess and their ability to help in the healing process.

Other well known seasonings include cumin, ginger, turmeric, and cardamon. They are part of the rubs used for food and medicine. The combinations vary. Not all of them can be located in the same region. They come from every part of the globe and they are combined differently and in varying strengths.

The renewed interest in spices and rubs have created an explosion that is reintroducing the world of the powerful effects they have for us. Unlike, traditional medicine they can be used as long as needed without concern for side effects that may be harmful. As rubs used in foods they create new and exciting flavors to enjoy.

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