Enjoying Ghost Pepper Wing Sauce

by Estela Bolton

For those who enjoy eating spicy or hot chicken wings, some enthusiasts live for the excitement. Though some may make theirs at home, others have a favorite restaurant or bar that sells the hottest wings in their area. Many of these places use ghost pepper wing sauce to flavor these popular appetizers, and some people cannot get enough!

Why so many people love to feel such an intense heat moving around in their digestive system while steam almost literally comes out of their ears is a mystery. However, eating this insanely spicy food has become a favorite pastime as people like to see how many they can eat. Oftentimes, when done in moderation, it can be a lot of fun.

People who are not accustomed to eating spicy foods may want to build up their tolerance level before diving in. Once upon a time, jalapeno peppers were the ultimate in hot peppers but many years later, things have changed. Ghost peppers, habanero, and Scotch Bonnets are considered some of the hottest grown on the planet and people cannot seem to get enough.

The best way for a person to find out the level of heat they can handle, they can go online to find a Scoville unit chart. Scoville heat units are designed to measure the amount of capsaicin, or heat, that a pepper contains. Anyone looking to venture out into eating foods made with ghost peppers may want to become familiar with this chart before devouring wings with vigor.

Many condiments, such as salsa or hot sauce, may have a heat level that varies between 1,000 and 50,000 Scoville heat units. Since they mostly contain slightly hot peppers like cayenne or tabasco, they are not that high on the Scoville chart. If a person considers a habanero pepper to be hot, then they may not yet be ready to experience the ghost pepper, which is at the very top of the charts.

In many areas are hot wing contests where people try to eat as many as they can handle. These wings are usually soaked in the hottest sauce possible and those who win may receive a small prize. As a precaution, they may be urged to sign a waiver stating that the person holding the contest is not liable for any health issues that may arise.

For the person who enjoys a little bit of excitement, they can try mixing hotter sauces with melted butter, honey, or a milder wing sauce. Over time, wing enthusiasts can build up their tolerance level to withstand the extreme heat. Another way to take some of the edge off is to keep a large, cold mug of beer or plain milk nearby.

There are a large variety of chicken wing flavors on the market. They can be found at gourmet shops and specialty grocers as well as online merchants. If going with the latter, it is best to choose a merchant that has a good reputation and received positive customer reviews. Some people who are heat enthusiasts may find that will receive the latest news and notice of events about ghost pepper wing sauce by checking different sites and requesting to get email alerts.

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