Enjoy Fresh Baked Goods Every Day With A Bread Machine

by Ruth Kelly

Simplify baking by using a bread machine. Just about anyone will be able to create fresh baked goods like a pro when they use this appliance. There is nothing that says comfort and home, quite like the smell of bread baking in the house. Years ago, Grandma and her contemporaries would spend endless days in the kitchen in order to achieve the same results that today can be achieved with ease. Thanks Granny, but how wonderful it is to enjoy great cooking in a fraction of the time.

One of the greatest features of an electric bread maker is that it leaves our hands free in order to prepare the rest of the meal. While we cut vegetables, prepare meat and set the table, the machine does all of the kneading, rising, re-kneading, and even the baking. It could not be more simple than that.

Today's machine does not leave us with an ordinary loaf. No indeed, the functions available allow us to place all the ingredients into the hopper and have them added to the mix at the exact right time. This means no more stopping and starting the process in order to add fruit, nuts, or flavorings. One easy step takes care of the entire process.

There is no need to stop at baking bread with this appliance. Pretty much anything that is made with dough or batter can be prepared. Bagels, pretzels, banana bread, and lots more are mixed up every day across the country.

Most people would not dream of fresh baked cinnamon rolls for breakfast on a weekday. Everyone is too busy getting ready for work and readying the kids for school. In order to bake first thing in the morning a person would have to rise with the sun, unless of course they own this appliance and use the timer. Set the timer at night and just wait for that sweet treat to be ready with the morning coffee... Wonderful!

There is just about no household in the country that can claim a cake has never been baked there. But no one wants to turn the oven on during warmer months when the temperature is high. No problem, whether baking from scratch or from a mix, it is simple to make a cake without ever turning on the oven. The best part is that the kitchen will stay cool.

There are too many possibilities to list for what can be created with a bread machine. Try lots of new things. The new cuisine is about to become very simple and quite delicious.

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