Elegantly Parked And Bottled Wine

by Elinor Tran

Wines are alcoholic drinks that are manufactured from fermenting juice from grapes. During the fermenting process, no sugars, acids or nutrients are added. St Emilion wine is one of the best alcoholic drinks on earth and it is highly sought after.

Types of wines usually depends on the variety of fruits and the yeast strain. Fruits contain a natural chemical that makes it possible for the grapes to ferment without any additional chemicals. The sugar in the grapes is consumed by yeast into beverages.

Grafting was introduced in the late 19Th century after a root louse bug killed many vines and they eventually had to be replaced with a new resistant vine. Grafting is done in most wine producing countries except in Chile, Canary Islands and Argentina which were not infected by the bug. European vines are the most planted in many vineyards.

Regulations were set up in order to help with the grouping and as well to help in the sale of the beverages. Most the European drinks are named according to the region they are grown and produced in while the other beverages produced in other parts of the world are named according to the berries grown in the vineyards. This classification is very vital to customers as they are able to determine where the drink was produced.

Beverages are produced in a variety of colors and their costs vary depending on the length of production period and the type of grape used. Wines are mostly drunk during dinner, which can either be a normal one or a romantic one. Most people tend to take the beverage while eating food. Wines also vary in taste.

st emilion wine is red in color and its concentration is well balanced, it has a smooth pleasant taste. The vines are grown in the Bordeaux region in France. The equipments used in production of these wines are modern and help in enriching the quality of the final product.

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