Eating Pizza In Healthier Means

by Janelle Burnett

Among the most famous food items nowadays would be the pizza centennial. Such pies have acquired worldwide renown and became comfort food items for most people. They have risen from simple Italian origins and turned into a famous food item which adults and kids love. It could be eaten as party food, dinner, or snacks. They could come in varied toppings, crusts, and sauces. Their variety will be endless almost. One will have varied options available. Such pies will be laden usually with salts, fats, and calories though. It will not be a healthy dish exactly for anyone. To still enjoy such dish, one must then know some good tips in eating such pies in healthier means.

You should remember that each slice would contain hefty calories. Eating a whole pie would be a disaster then. Even personal servings for most restaurants would be too large. You should then indulge in these pies together with friends, relatives, or colleagues. Sharing would be important. You should share so you can only eat one to two slices. You can then satisfy your cravings without eating too much. You can also enjoy the meal better. You can still feel satisfied too.

One must pick their ingredients properly. One needs to pick a proper crust, for one. Their crust must be thin preferably. Stuffed crusts, pan crusts, and thick crusts will all contain large amounts of calories. Such crusts will contain large amounts of carbohydrates. One must pick thinner crusts then which will provide more crispiness, better flavors, and less calories. If you can, you must also pick whole grain crusts. It will provide less calories, more satisfaction, and more fiber.

You should also choose toppings wisely. You should avoid fat laden toppings like pepperoni, salami, and beef balls. You should instead choose leaner meat cuts. This would include Canadian bacon, turkey slices, and chicken strips. You can also choose seafood toppings. You can enjoy amazing tastes with less calories. You should also control amounts.

Adding more vegetables is also great. Vegetable toppings can be already found in a lot of pies. A better way of consuming more vegetables can be achieved with this. Eating the vegetables would not be felt even. Everything would be made better with the crust, cheese, and sauce. The slice can also be loaded with as much veggies as possible.

One must place more sauce too. Such sauces will be healthy actually. Red sauces will be great since they are formed from tomatoes. These tomato sauces could contain minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins which will be nice for the health.

Do not put excessive cheese too. The tasty, soft, and creamy goodness of cheese will bring more calories and fats. One must then go easy on this. One could put cheese, but avoid adding more.

A good healthy side dish should be ordered too. You should eat this before eating your slice. It would give you variety, more satisfied feeling, and more vegetable servings. Avoid garlic breads, bread sticks, and mozzarella sticks.

One must eat their pizza centennial wisely. They must pick healthy, high quality, and fresh ingredients. One must control portions too. They could enjoy pizza then without feeling guilty.

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