Duties Of Chicken Processing Professionals

by Kelli Evans

Employees working in chicken processing California plants are tasked to prepare meat from domestic fowl on a daily basis. The United States' Bureau of Labor Statistics foresees an increase of six percent in the demand for these employees until 2018. Therefore, ten thousand eight hundred new jobs can be generated.

The domestic fowls are slaughtered by these employees. They get rid of the parts that cannot be sold as foodstuff such as bones, features, and tissues. Most of the task handles by these employees are done manually even though a number of tasks are done by machines. This statement came from the United States' Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What usually happens is that professionals carry out one or multiple processed while preparing for the process. On top of that, they look into the machines employed to figure out if these are in great shape and in excellent performance.

They work in damp and cold conditions to prevent the meat from domesticated fowls from spoiling. These processors make use of sharp machines and knives. This is the reason that they are prone to accidental injuries such as limb or finger amputations or minor cuts.

These processors are expected to follow the federal, state, and local health codes and are required to have good personal hygiene. Important responsibilities of these processors include standing for long periods of time, hand-eye coordination, and manual dexterity.

New processors are provided with on-the-job training by employers as they are not specific education requirements for them. However, a bachelor's or an associate degree in food processing or agricultural science is required for those who are interested to advance into supervisory positions.

chicken processing california professionals earn yearly up to $22,400 based on the report of the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the U. S. This report was released on the month of May 2008.

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