Dutch Oven Cooking Pudding Recipes That Can Be Explored

by Bree Cardenas

When it comes to Dutch oven cooking techniques, various recipes may be explored. One of which is used to come up with a tasty bread pudding. Before beginning, It is important to ensure that all the ingredients are in place as this will help in saving a lot of time that would otherwise be spent looking for the necessities.

The ingredients that will need to be brought together include the following items. 1/2 tsp cinnamon, two to three tablespoons of whipping cream, 2table spoons orange peels, forty grams of berry sugar, three table spoons of rum, fifty grams of raisins and eight slices of bread. Each of these items needs to be collected on their own containers. After which the given instructions need to be followed.

The raisins will need to be diced and put in a sauce pan. From here three tablespoons of water and the rum can be poured in. This should then be brought to a boil while stirring it constantly. Once ready, they can be poured into a bowl to cool off.

To prepare the bread, the crusts will need to be cut off. The remaining bits can then be sliced into pieces and placed in a bowl. From here, the orange peels can be sprinkled slowly over them. The milk can then follow by being stirred in. This should be left alone for about ten minutes to settle.

After this, they can be transferred into an electric mixer and transformed into a smooth batter. The two eggs can then be broken into a bowl along with the cream, cinnamon and sugar. After mixing, they may be folded into the bread butter in a bowl. Once done, the raisins mixed in well with a spoon.

From here, the baking tray should then be prepared like any other Dutch oven cooking pan would be. This is by applying some butter inside the pan and sprinkling with some baking flour. The mixture can then be poured in and placed in a preheated oven. This should then be baked for about thirty minutes and left to cool for about ten minutes before being transferred to a preheated platter.

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