Drinks That Complement Double Chocolate Biscotti

by Marissa Velazquez

Enjoying a drink while visiting a coffeehouse or bookstore is common for many who come to relax or browse the selection. While some visitors like to have something that is consistent with a light meal, others like to go straight to dessert. One dessert that is very popular with coffee drinkers is double chocolate biscotti.

Some people are simply mystified about biscotti itself as they are curious about eating them by themselves or why many biscotti flavors on the market have a hard consistency. Many brands on the market make them differently but often people find the hard texture fun for dipping in their favorite drink. These can be enjoyed in hot or cold beverages.

These are sold at grocery stores, discount retailers, and coffee shops that sell a wide variety of beverages to satisfy any appetite. Many of these drinks do not contain as much caffeine as coffee or have a lighter taste for anyone who does not want to have anything with a strong taste. They are also ideal for relaxing while listening to music or shopping for books.

Teas have been around for centuries and there are many types from which to choose. Common teas made with black tea leaves, those with fruit or herb flavors, as well those rare flavors like rooibos, green or white tea that are becoming popular. Some teas have been known to have healing properties but most are enjoyable with a dessert or light entree.

Chai tea has grown in popularity in recent years as many people have found this spicy drink to be irresistible. Though it uses different spices to create a unique flavor, some people like to add chocolate or vanilla for a more intense taste. This drink goes well with different types of biscotti as well as other desserts that have a subtle flavor.

Though some places serve hot chocolate as an alternative to coffee, there are some who serve a different version that is intended for the chocolate connoisseur. Drinking chocolate is much different as it has a richer taste and thicker consistency that instant drinks that some people grew up with and enjoyed with marshmallows. The cooking process is also different as it entails melting chocolate chunks before blending with milk until it is creamy and smooth.

Visitors may also enjoy beverages like hot milk based drinks, hot apple cider, or eggnog when in season. Eating biscotti is also a great choice for anyone who has a sweet tooth but does not want to have rich pastries as the calorie and fat content are low. Another good thing about having biscotti is that is leaves little mess.

People that are curious about the taste of biscotti should just give it a try. They will find that they are full of flavor and most are not very sweet. Once they dip in a hot drink, they should eat it immediately. While there are many flavors to choose from, many find that double chocolate biscotti is a great choice to complement most drinks.

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