Discovering The Best Fajitas In Houston

by Kari Ratliff

When a person wants to find the best fajitas in Houston, he or she can try several methods. The search can begin at the city's restaurants, cafes, and open air venues. He or she may also try to recreate this dish at home. Before it can be appreciated, the fajita must be understood for its flavor, ingredients, and preparation process. Knowing these details lets people enjoy it more.

Most Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurants offer a variation on the fajita. Traditional Mexican eateries may use more authentic spices and ingredients that range from beef to seafood. Tex-Mex cafes may use milder ingredients, including cheddar cheese and sour cream. Both vary in how spicy they make their dishes. Traditional chefs generally use spicier peppers, while non-native cooks use milder spices like cayenne or chili powder.

Many farmers markets also offer people this fare. Food trucks and vendors routinely prepare and offer these wraps for sale each day. The food tends to be fresh and hot. Sometimes people sell them in tin foil wrappers. People wanting to try a lower key version of this dish may find these vendors and food trucks to be interesting.

People also have the option of making their own fajita dishes at home. To do this, they need to buy the right ingredients. Their supplies also can vary according to their tastes. Most people like to use wheat tortillas as the wrapping. These tortillas are easy to fold and have mild flavors. They do not take away from the wrap's filling.

What goes inside the tortilla varies with people's preferences. Most people start with a meat of some sort. It can vary from steak, shredded chicken, beef, and seafood or fish. Most cooks prepare it with seasonings like garlic and pepper. They can sautee it with chili and bell peppers for flavoring.

The meat is typically joined with vegetables that have also been grilled and flavored with oil and garlic. A person might use vegetables that range from corn, potatoes, onions, and bell peppers. Chefs recommend using produce that is fresh instead of frozen or canned. They advise this for the fullest flavor potential.

With the fillings done, that individual can then put together his or her fajita. Most people first grill or warm up the tortilla encasing over the grill or in the oven. However, with it warmed, it can then be filled with the prepared meat, vegetables, and other ingredients. The tortilla generally is wrapped around the filling until the center is surrounded. People then eat it immediately to savor its warmth and flavor. Some individuals also use sour cream and cheese to enhance it.

Knowing how to find or construct the best fajitas in Houston lets Texas residents experience a food that is popular in that region. What is found inside can vary by a person's taste. Most families use grilled meat and vegetables, as well as side items like cheese and sour cream. They can be prepared to be spicy or mild. Restaurants and food trucks and vendors also sell this fare.

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