Discover The Delicious Flavor Of Those Elusive Conch Fritters

by Dorothy Stephenson

Conch fritters are a taste of home for those who live by the seashore. Common to areas such as Key West, Florida, California coastal areas, the Bahamas and islands throughout the Caribbean, these delicacies are easy to make. Though the shell's meat is sold around the world at varied seaports, it can be difficult to find it in landlocked areas.

This is a favorite food of islanders. Part of its allure may be that it can be difficult to find locally. This is certainly true if you live in a landlocked area. But the simple mixture of flour, egg, milk, spices and the chopped meat fried in oil is pretty hard to resist. It can be eaten raw in salads, but the fritter version is delectable. People do find themselves craving the taste, and often resort to substituting calamari because of its similar white color and texture.

Buying this specialty frozen from online sources makes it easier on those who are landlocked. Just use mail order services and the delicious meat will arrive precooked and ready for the oven. The spicy batter balls come portioned for home meals or in larger portions for food services.

It is also great to know that fresh and frozen, cleaned fillets are also available for ordering from the Internet. Ordering the amount of pounds you require is simple. Once the package arrives, the contents may be used to create your own favorite fritter recipes.

There are plenty of ways to serve this delicate seafood. Common is to add a portion of French fries, dipping sauces and enjoy the entire plate with a round of nice beer. Margaritas and iced tea also work well when the temperatures are sultry.

Anyone who has enjoyed conch fritters at the ocean shore will always associate vacations and nice adventures with this food. The round bites of yummy batter can sell even the most nutrition conscious folks. Being able to buy them online and have them at home is a bit like bringing an island resort home too.

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