Dining On A Rooftop Bar

by Gloria Gardner

Residents, tourists and traveling businessmen can seek out a rooftop bar NYC to unwind after a long day. The spectacular views of the surrounding city and open, airy space can help them to relax. This types of venue has been growing in popularity, making the top of a building prime real estate for many.

Cuisine amidst the selection of rooftop bars ranges from grilled classics to fine dining. In some locations, the menu is limited to appetizers and tapas, while in others a full three or four course meal is offered. Selections often vary based upon season as well.

Some of the most famous restaurants to offer this type of dining venue are those that have been featured in television programming. Rare Bar and Grille and Sushi Same are two such restaurants. A patron is sure to find a great meal and even greater views from such great and well known establishments.

New York City is home to many celebrity chefs. While some of the most famous have sought out such prime real estate, up and comers have also staked claims on similar territory. This is sure to thrill diners as both compete to bring in food connoisseurs.

Cocktails rival the food when it comes to a place above the city gaining notoriety. Custom beverages generate the same buzz as an excellent meal. But, diners can choose from a wide variety of the classics, such as beer and wine, as well. It is a great place to just sit back, enjoy the view and relax with a drink.

A rooftop bar in NYC offers a great number of choices for cuisine, beverages and sight seeing. The popularity of this type of restaurant continues to grow, which encourages chefs to seek out this type of establishment to call home. It is nearly guaranteed that a person can find a wonderful meal amidst some of the grandest views in the city and any one of these type of restaurants.

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