Decorating With Rolled Fondant Icing

by Christina Potter

Due to its unique qualities and smooth appearance, fondant icing has become one of the most popular choices among cake decorating professionals. This creates the perfect finish for decorated cakes for many different special events and the possibilities are endless. Learning to use fondant is much easier than most people think.

If a person has never worked with fondant before, they will most likely be quite surprised at just how easy it is to work with. Not only does it roll out fairly easy with a bit of pressure, it is very simple to add color to, make small flowers and other decor, and works very well as a modeling clay to create various styles and designs. With just a little practice, a decorator can make a cake just like a pro.

The first tip to working with this type of icing is to never let it get dry. When rolling or flattening your portions, only roll out the portion that you will be using right away. Otherwise, the texture will become very dry and hard to work with quite quickly. Keep all of the icing wrapped tightly in plastic wrap until just before you are ready to roll it out. If it does become a bit dry, add just a few drops of water and knead it in. In some cases this will bring it back to life.

The icing should always be kept at room temperature before it is used. Icing that has been kept chilled will be very hard to handle. When it is too warm will stretch too easily and will not hold its shape once it is moved around. If you suspect that the icing is too warm, you should chill it slightly before you continue.

Rolling the icing to the proper thickness is also very important. If you roll the icing too thin, the covering can become brittle and crack at folds and edges. If the icing is rolled too thin, it can cause the icing too pull away from the sides of the cake after you have decorated it. This is especially true if there are more decorations added to the sides of the cake.

You must always cover the cake with a crumb coat of buttercreme frosting. This will give the fondant something to adhere to and will keep it from sliding off of the cake and shifting positions. The frosting that you use underneath should also be close to the same color of the fondant that you use as well.

Decorating with rolled fondant icing is very simple to do with just a few tips and tricks. Not only is it easy to use, it is very fun to work with. Creating amazing cake creations can be made easy with the use of this type of icing.

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