Decorating A Cake Beautifully With Fondant

by Theresa Alvarez

When cake decorating using fondant Los Angeles cake decorators will have the perfect icing to work with. If the decorator understands how to use it, there will be no end to the beautiful things that they can create with it.

Premade fondant icing can be purchased in the cake decorating aisle of the local hobby store. This icing can then be brought home and rolled out on a flat surface that has been lightly dusted with cornstarch, which will prevent the icing from sticking and becoming unusable.

After the desired size has been reached by rolling, it will be time to place it on the cake. Because this icing has a tendency to dry out rapidly, it is vital that the cake has been prepared before the rolling begins. In order to properly prepare the cake, a thin layer of regular cake icing should be applied. This icing will act as a method of preventing crumbs to mess up the decorations as well as help the rolled icing adhere properly to the cake.

Using this icing is not as hard as it may appear. The decorator must have a steady hand as well as patience when working on the project. The icing should be carefully draped over the top of the cake and allowed to hang naturally over the sides. Then, with the use of a turntable, the cake can put rotated around as the excess icing is trimmed from the bottom. Once this has been done a fondant smoother tool can be used to further smooth down the top and sides to create a smooth surface.

This type of icing can be quite versatile, which is just another reason why bakers and decorators love to work with it. Making sculptures out of fondant is a creative way to make cake toppers, such as figurines and animals for birthday cakes. If the icing should show signs of cracking, these little figurines can be a great way to hide the imperfections of the cake.

Marshmallows will allow a baker to make their own version of icing. This can be a bit more time consuming that buying it premade, however, the homemade version is much cheaper and that makes the time spent well worth it.

Whether using the premade or homemade version of fondant Los Angeles decorators are sure to find that this type of icing offers the baker a quick and easy way to decorate a beautiful and professional looking cake.

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