Crystal Wine Decanter Makes A Difference

by Gloria Gardner

Once upon a time, decanting was necessary for removing the sediment from your red wines. Those were kept it big barrels, and there were no filtration techniques available. They still wanted to put clear drinks on their table, and this way they could easily do it. There are different models today, but it would be nice to have a beautiful crystal wine decanter.

Another very good reason for decanting is the fact red wines need to breathe before consummation. This technique is used as a very simple way of releasing all the specific aromas and flavors in them. Bringing out those aromas will be actual celebration for your nose, as well as your palate.

Although many people think that it is enough just to open the bottle some time before serving, they are so wrong. The surface of the liquid in the bottle is too small to produce any result. That's why you should use special decanters for this purpose.

Decanters are shaped to provide that large breathing surface. Once poured in, the liquid needs to stay for maybe an hour before pouring it to glasses. You will be surprised with the difference. Nevertheless, you need to drink it the same day, if you don't want it to taste like vinegar. The only way to prevent it is to seal the bottle and keep it in your fridge.

Well, all this is usually done in presence of your guests. Plain glass is OK, but it would be much better to have more presentable receptacle. Crystal will be just great, giving the touch and luxury and elegance.

You will impress your guests not only with your extraordinary wines, but also with the serving itself. crystal wine decanter might also be very nice gift for all your friends, but for your business partners as well. You just need a fine wine for them to try the new way of serving it.

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