Creating the best great steak

by Morgan Lee

Having a great steak is a lovely pleasure enjoyed by millions of people all over the globe. So many varieties are available that people can choose different cuts and different ways to cook them. Add to this the accompaniments then the choice is endless. People will enjoy trying new recipes.

Most will say that when going to buy your cut steer clear of pre-packaged ones and go straight to the butchers counter at a store or an independent retailer. The person who is having the meal should buy the best cut they can afford. Prime choice is the most expensive followed by choice and then select.

The meat is purchased then it is taken home to be prepared. It needs to be consumed quite soon when it is bought as the flavour needs to be correct. There are ways of storing these but this is best left to the professional chefs. There are a few ways in which they are cooked and the person will need to find their favourite.

The main ways of cooking these cuts of meat will be to either fry, roast, or grill it. When using an oven or a range it will be important to make sure the oven is heated before cooking. When this is done then the meat can be put in. Part of the fun is cooking it different each time.

You need to know what is the way you take your meat as the way their cooked does have an affect on the way it tastes. Some will like it blue which means that the meat is just off raw. This is not for everyone and other ways of cooking could be rare, medium rare or well done. It is up to the individual.

Once you know how it is to be cooked then you can start. Most experts will say not to turn it too often and only once is the best way. It's not a good idea to stab the steak as the juices will get out and this will affect the taste. It is recommended not to cut it while it is being cooked for the same reason.

When the great steak is ready it needs to be left for a little while for the flavours to settle down. It can then be served with rice or vegetables or whatever the person fancies. Most will want something to drink and this could be wine or beer or any type of fruit juice. This should then be ideal.

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