Create Your Own Mothers Day Gift Baskets

by Janell Bowers

Mothers Day gift baskets make great presents, but it can be a bit challenging to come up with a good idea. Using themes will help solidify the ideas and you will be able to select items based around a specific idea. Just what your particular theme is will depend entirely on what your mother likes.

Take a look at the hobbies your mother enjoys, as well as favorite foods. These can all be used for themed baskets. A good example would be a woman who enjoys cooking. She would love receiving items for the kitchen and things that she might not ordinarily purchase for cooking. Someone who loves reading will be thrilled with a basket of reading products. There are plenty of options and since everyone has a favorite pastime, it should not be very difficult.

With a theme in mind, it is time to put the basket together. If you just do not have the time or energy to build your own, you can purchase Mothers Day gift baskets in stores, as well. These are not very personal, though, so your recipient will like something you put together far better in most cases.

Now the fun part, choosing the presents to include. Look at the various products available that revolve around the theme and then add something surprising. Sticking to the hobby, keep in mind that someone who loves reading will enjoy a cup of hot chocolate to go along with the books. Just tuck a mug and some packets of hot chocolate in among the bookmarks and clip on lights. Jewelry that matches the theme can also be a good choice.

Putting the presents into a container that matches the gift is a great way to personalize it. A would-be chef will be delighted to get a new cooking pot filled with fun spices, herbs and recipe books to try out. This matching of the container to the theme is fun and provides Mom with a useful product, as well.

Gardening supplies and seeds tucked into a bucket for a gardening mom, lotions and spa supplies in a bath organizer for the mother who needs a little extra pampering, or yarn and new crochet hooks and patterns in a tote for a crafty woman are all ways to fit the container to the theme.

Should you find yourself lacking in ideas, try flipping through a hobby catalog or magazine to inspire yourself. Or simply ask what she needs for her hobby. Forums on the Internet can be a wealth of information, particularly if you ask for recommendations from members of the forum.

Building Mothers Day gift baskets does not have to be a challenge. Rather, it can be fun to collect things that you know she will love and use, based around a theme that you choose from her hobbies or likes. The best thing is that most mothers have more than one hobby and you can give her another basket next year, either on a new theme or to replace what she may have used up from this year.

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