Corporate Cookie Gift Baskets May Work for Almost Any Event

by Adam Smith

Perhaps you are aiming to woo a new client or wanting to display a little gratitude to people you have done business with previously? Maybe you just closed a deal and want to celebrate in a manner that everyone is able to enjoy! There are lots of ways to do this: send over a bottle of champagne or a bouquet of flowers, write out a card or take your business partner(s) out to lunch. These are all very nice and are sure to be welcomed, but why not try to think outside the box a bit. There are corporate cookie gift baskets that come in all sizes and flavors that are sure to be a hit with customers old or new.

Precisely what kind of businessperson sends these sorts of gifts and who receives them? Well, have you ever met a person that doesn't like a cookie once in a while? Sending a courtesy like this is usually quite well received, as it is something for an entire office to enjoy, not just the boss.

The best thing is the fact that corporate cookie gift baskets aren't restricted to just cookies! You may also include brownies, giant cookies, combine flavors, as well as get creative by having your logo (or that of the business you are sending it to) incorporated onto iced cookies (completely edible of course!).

The presentation of gourmet gift baskets can be as grandiose or as minimalistic as you're looking for. You are able to decide to have separately wrapped treats or sweets placed in decorative boxes, tins or baskets. Bows and cards are optional, but you will certainly want everyone to understand where this nice treat came from, and they'll remember you and your company!

You may wonder what occasions are appropriate for corporate cookie gift baskets, and the response is very simple: any occasion! Perhaps you want to commemorate some one's special birthday, or (as previously stated) you have just closed a big deal. Tokens like this are a fantastic approach to say "Thank You!" for your business and "Looking forward to dealing with you in the future!". They deomonstrate a particular etiquette on behalf of the sender, allowing the recipient to understand that you're thinking of them and appreciate them and their diligence. Since this is oftentimes lacking in the corporate world, this can be a good way to give you a leg up for future projects. It's also a fantastic gift for non-occasions, a 'just because' gift that will elevate moral when everything is a bit hard or stressed.

You might think about just how much corporate cookie gift baskets will cost. Rather surprisingly, they're a lot more inexpensive than you think. Pricing can vary between $20 to over $200, based upon the quantity of cookies, the presentation of the cookies, and also the type of cookies/treats that you order. The cost is well worth the indulgence though, as the impression you leave will be more than worth it!

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