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Cooking A Meal For Your Family

by Carla Turkelton

There was a time, not too long ago, when the husband left for work at eight in the morning. When he returned before sunset, dinner was waiting for him and the rest of the family. The wife would take part in several household duties throughout the day including laundry and cleaning, but most importantly dinner.

That fantasy of the nineteen fifties is long gone, if it ever really existed as we imagine. Husbands and wives work both to provide a more affordable lifestyle for their families. Hard economic times calls for both wives and husbands to work one or more jobs. It is hard to find time for an old fashion family dinner when both parents are working.

It has been said that regular meals with your family have societal as well as health benefits. Children become more rounded and stable with daily family dinners. It is a chance for families to bond and discuss their days.

Obesity is less common in those who sit down for family dinners. There are other factors that figure into obesity problems. One of the reasons is that people are eating our more and more because they don't have time to cook. On the go junk foods have taken the place of nutritional meals.

Although it may be impossible to cook a full course meal after work, you still have options. What about Saturday and Sunday? If you are home on the weekend, consider popping a roast and a chicken in the oven. Make way too much food and them package the leftovers away in plastic containers and freeze them. Reheat the meat on a work night, and add some vegetables to the mix.

Try cooking fish on days you don't have time to spend a lengthy amount of time in the kitchen. A slice of flounder cooks in about fifteen minutes. While the main course is baking, you have time to work on the side dishes such as rice, vegetables, or salads. The options are endless for cooking meals for your family. Dinner can be accomplished with a well constructed plan that will pay off in the end.