Choosing The Right Wedding Catering Boston

by Kerri Turner

There are a variety of different types of wedding catering Boston has to offer, from casual barbeques to elegant sit down affairs. Each bride has her own idea about themes and how she wants her special day to look and her food offers must compliment her theme and style. In addition, each couple also has a budget to consider when choosing a caterer.

Some bridal couples plan casual affairs that encourage guests to simply relax and enjoy the party. They could choose something like a country or beach theme and may have a barbeque or a picnic lunch for guests. The menu could include drum sticks, salads and rolls.

Some couples choose to have a buffet type dinner or lunch at the reception. The kinds of foods provided at this kind of reception will vary a lot and could include some fresh fruit and vegetables with dip, various salads and breads, cheeses, meats and some pasta dishes. The budget and theme of the affair will usually influence menu choices.

Still other brides plan elegant, formal affairs and will need food to match this type of event. They may offer a cocktail hour and hors d'oeuvre and a sit down meal for their guests. Meat dishes often include steak, salmon or chicken and vegetarian options might include portabella mushroom dishes or a pasta dish or two.

Caters typically charge their clients by the plate which depends on the kinds of foods that the client requests. The per plate or person price for a sit-down dinner will be much more than a picnic style lunch. The kinds of foods will alter the price as well since meat and caviar can be very expensive while other foods, such as pasta, can be rather cheap.

Finding the right caterer is quite important because the food is such a major player in the success of the event. Every guest will see the food first-hand. For this reason, the food should not only be delicious, but it should be presented in a beautiful way that is in-keeping with the event theme.

One way to find a good cater is to talk with newlyweds. Most bridal couples have used a cater for their reception, and are likely to have strong opinions, either good or bad about the caterer they used. This first hand information can be very helpful in making decisions about which company to use, especially with all the options available in this metropolitan city.

For brides looking for wedding catering Boston has a lot of good options. No matter what type of affair the bride and groom is planning, whether it is formal or more casual, they are likely to find the perfect person or company to provide the food for their big day. Talking with friends about their experiences with caters will likely result in finding the right business.

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