Choosing A Ghost Pepper Wing Sauce

by Tonia Michael

When you are expecting some friends to come over or about to hold a party, the menu is among the few things that you must consider first. Preparing buffalo wings is a wise idea. This can be enjoyable for your guests and its preparation is easy. If your guests want to try something challenging, you may use ghost pepper wing sauce for your dish.

Buffalo wings had become more popular in the past few years. While it was only prepared by some of the most expensive restaurants before, this dish has become the crowd's favorite nowadays. There are fresh and frozen buffalo wings available in supermarkets. Every household may now prepare their own buffalo wings.

The key ingredient to preparing a sumptuous meal is in its sauce. Proper mixture of flavoring is essential in preparing a really delectable dish. There are different ways of preparing the sauce, there are traditional, sweet and sour, lemon pepper and sweet among other methods. For the people who want spicy and hot meals, ghost pepper is a good choice.

Ghost peppers, or locally known as the naga bhut jolokias, are ideal when preparing extra spicy wings. Grown and cultivated in India, such spice is used by most families for curries and many more dishes that need spices. This is named the hottest spice in the world that can potently provide the peppery flavor you want.

This is perfect for chili lovers. However, not everyone may handle the heat this chili provides. The heat from a chili is measured in Scoville unit. This particular type has a staggering reading of more than a million Scoville units, the highest around the globe. Eating a fresh pod may not be a good idea at all.

The dried form has lower readings, though. Normally, this is watered down in order to reduce its heat. Making it perfect for peppery dishes. Still, proper preparation is needed so it would not taste like drinking a whole pepper spray and containing the immense heat inside the body.

It may be a good idea to mix the ghost peppers with other spices. This way, you can still get the piquant flavor you want without getting watery eyes, runny nose and, possibly irritation while eating. The heat may be too much for the body to handle. The more jolokias used, the hotter your dish will be.

This pepper may not be available in most grocery stores. Only a few people may actually use this spice. After all, not everyone may take the heat from this popular chili. However, with the culinary scene today, it is easier to find this spice. This may be bought from culinary shops and online stores.

The ghost pepper wing sauce is not popular among average diners. It may be too much for many. Still, there are people who were able to manage eating such hot dish. It can also be a great fun to challenge your friends to eat this extremely peppery meal and watch their reactions. Several group of friends had already tried this challenge, taped their reactions and posted them online.

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