Choose Redondo Beach Seafood For Ambiance

by Marissa Velazquez

Los Angeles is known for its many hot spots for food but when a person can look at the ocean, it is like a bonus. The Redondo beach area is often overlooked as a hangout spot but there is much to do and see. In fact, there are many benefits to visiting the Redondo Beach seafood restaurants that most people do not think about.

Now, this is good for those who hate dealing with crowds. While some people like to be seen eating a new place that is getting reviews in popular media, there are drawbacks. For one, wait times can be long and often the staff may not know how to accommodate patrons. This usually results in a lot of rushing and people find that the food and service do not live up to the hype.

Of course, this is not the case with all restaurants that are hot at the moment but there are many classic favorites that have been around for years. Not only do they serve wonderful seafood but they also offer many classic dishes as well as entertainment options. Then there is the view of the ocean while a person is waiting to be seated or just wants to enjoy a drink before sitting down with a meal.

Many of the restaurants on the pier that serve seafood often get their food locally. This means that many items are fresh and not frozen. For the person that loves to enjoy things like shellfish and other items that must be kept on ice, this is a bonus.

One thing to take into consideration is the traffic as restaurants close to PCH south are fairly easy to get to. Sometimes there is a little traffic in the evening hours, many times these are local residents look ing to get home quickly. The pier is also close to many bus lines that run late.

Most trendy restaurants in Los Angeles area sometimes are close to areas that are known for crime. While some places have a security staff and a well lit parking lot, often these lots are a good walking distance. This can be dangerous for unsuspecting people looking to enjoy themselves after a long day.

At the Redondo Beach, there is a police substation as well as officers that patrol the area often. This is the main reason that residents can go jogging at night without fearing for their lives. There are also many places for a person to park their vehicle including underground parking that is below the station.

The Redondo Beach pier has a lot to offer visitors such as a variety of cuisine, plenty of ambiance, entertainment options that are suited for all ages, and a lively atmosphere that is secure. Some people visit Redondo Beach seafood restaurants for the karaoke sessions that happen at night and are open for anyone to join in.

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