Celebrating Your Holiday With Thanksgiving Chocolates

by Tameka Ware

This is without a doubt one of the more important holidays in the USA and Canada. Breaking bread between the Pilgrims and Indians is celebrated once a year and it has never been more delicious. Thanksgiving chocolates are an especially good way to give thanks.

Synonymous with cranberry sauce, roast turkey and pumpkin pie, Thanksgiving is a perfect excuse for eating like a king and, without a doubt, celebrating time with family and the ones you love. This is a hugely special time to take stock of the preceding 12 months and to show love to those closest to us.

Giving thanks is the order of the day at this special time of the season. Gifting friends or neighbors with special holiday candies is a way to show your gratitude to them. And there are loads of varieties of chocolate to choose from.

Thoughts immediately turn to turkey when Thanksgiving comes to mind. Try decorating your coffee table with a bowlful of foil-covered chocolate turkeys, milk or dark chocolate, for guests and family alike. They serve as great place settings; give guests a different color each to mark their place.

Foil-covered milk or dark chocolate leaves give a fall feel to any setting. Scatter some in your holiday centrepiece display to gift your guests with a sweet surprise. They will love foraging for the chocolates over the dinner table.

Fill your candy bowl up to the top with chocolate-covered almonds and pistachios, as well as autumnal fruit like dried cherries and apricots. Mixing chocolate with dried fruit really adds to the seasonal feeling.

Buy chocolate-covered malt candies covered in different colors of confectioner's dust. Give them as gifts to your friends, packaged beautifully in a clear plastic bag, adding a seasonal ribbon.

Chocolate and Thanksgiving do not instantly collocate in the mind. However, there are endless amounts of artisan chocolatiers specializing in making the most perfect party favor for this time of year. Experimentation is key, the limit lies only where the imagination stops.

After an overload of pumpkin pie, nothing is better than relaxing with a cup of coffee accompanied by a chocolate turkey, especially to finish the day off. Share them with friends and family. A perfect activity to round off the special day.

Of course, if you yourself are feeling in the creative holiday spirit you could always try your hand at chocolate-making. Buying your own molds is relatively inexpensive and at this time of year your average chocolatier will have them in stock.

Take your favorite kind of chocolate and melt it down into the molds. Then just sit them into the fridge to set. You will have your own home-made party treats in no time. Pile them up on a plate and sprinkle confectioner's sugar over them. Set them out as a decorative table setting. You can also pack them into the clear plastic bags and give them as gifts to your family and friends.

There are numerous fun and creative ways of incorporating Thanksgiving chocolates into the day's festivities. This is always a welcome respite from the mountains of pumpkin pie and cold turkey sandwiches.

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