Caressing The Palette With Teuscher Chocolate

by Tamika Quinn

Starting out as nothing more than a tiny shop in Switzerland and nestled in the Swiss Alps, one would have found a small shop known as Teuscher Chocolates. Since that time it has grown beyond the dreams of its developer, Dolf Teuscher, and has become known worldwide. Maintaining all of the original recipes and the only small changes being for the better, this gentleman has stirred up some of the finest confections ever known.

Since its inception in 1932, the family still owns and operates this specialty company. Not only is it noted for its confections, but it also now provides many varieties of cookies and pastries. Only the very best of ingredients are used in its recipes, making these sought after items worth whatever it takes to get them.

There are now outlets for these confections all over the United States, In addition, they can be found in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe; to mention but a few of the countries that carry these products. If you wish, ordering is made even easier with the use of the internet, and when your package arrives you will have the aroma and taste of a freshly made indulgence.

Recipes have remained the same for over 70 years providing the public masses with over 100 varieties to choose from. From their signature truffles to the worlds finest candy bars, gourmets as well as critics praise these sweets highly. Many have noted that in their opinion they are nothing less than the best sweets they have ever had the pleasure in indulging in.

Switzerland may be famous for its chocolate but this is one brand name that excels all of its competitors. Products are still hand made by hand even though it is shipped world wide it retains its freshness. Its signature product, the champagne truffle, remains at the top of the list of items people continue to order repeatedly.

Here, you will not only find truffles but pralines and marzipan that kiss the palate with flavor. To add to the desire of these fine candies, they can be boxed to suit the function you order them for. From the most elegant wedding reception to the antics of a child's birthday party, you will find something to suit the occasion. Decorate your table for Easter or Christmas with boxed delights made especially for these holidays.

For the more formal gathering, these Teuscher confections appear at home in decorative bowls or platters. Any choice you make will be perfection but purchasing a variety of flavors will satisfy the taste buds of the most finicky attendant. Compliments will abound with each bite anyone takes.

The Teuscher family has done their ancestor proud. What started out as a tiny chocolate shop by a man who felt he had a good recipe, has grown multiple times over and now serves some of the most elite that can be found on the globe. Teuscher chocolate and pastries simply cannot be beaten on the world market today. Whether you have an upcoming function or simply want to indulge yourself in the finest there is, look for the Teuscher name before you order anything else.

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