Best Way To Eat Healthy In A Steak House

by Gloria Gardner

A lot of people love to eat steaks because they are very satisfying and can comfort you in so many levels. There are already many places that are said to the best steak house NYC in town. Unfortunately, there are some people who are afraid to eat in this kind of place because of health or diet reasons.

However, this does not have to the reason to avoid these restaurants forever. This is because there are still ways that you can eat a steak without being scared of the extra pounds. You can do this by knowing what items you should order or not.

When you are presented a list of appetizers that you would like to eat before the main course, choose wisely. Avoid oily and deep fried dishes such as fries and buffalo wings. The first kind of appetizer one can take would seafood dishes such shrimp cocktails, oysters, crabs.

If you have the time, search for restaurants that only use beef that came from cows that were fed with grass. This kind of beef is healthier and contains less fat. Always remember that customers have the right to ask about the ingredients used.

Do not be very careless with the kind of sauce you are going to use because sauces are not that harmless. Wise diners would always let their waiter tell them the ingredients use for the sauce. A sauce that contains egg yolk, butter, or mayonnaise should not be used sparingly because it is high in calories.

Finally, be aware of the cut of beef that you be perfect for you. For those on a diet, strip steaks are recommended. You should also skip burger steaks and fried steaks.

Do not let your diet get in the way of you going to the Best steak house NYC. All you need to do is always consider all of your options. This way you can still have an enjoyable dinner.

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