Best Hard Anodized Cookware Set

by Hofdy Mallkee

If you're like many cooks, you probably appreciate the advantages of a good set of all clad stainless steel cookware. However, finding a set that's just right can be a frustrating experience. You finally decide to make the investment, and you head to the store where you find an inexpensive set of non-stick cookware and buy it.

Hard anodized cookware combines the fast and even heat conduction of aluminum, the steel-like durability of its anodized exterior, and the easy cooking and cleaning of the nonstick finish. If you're interested in hard anodized aluminum cookware, use the following considerations to help you find the perfect set.

Now there are also other good types and brands of cookware. Many people like the non-stick sets. Just a word of caution, you need to purchase a heavier weight for it to last and cook well. Many have a good non-stick covering. Look at brands like Paula Deen, Earth Pan, and Rachael Ray.

Of the aluminum cookware available, anodized aluminum cookware offers the best investment. It's aluminum cookware that's specially treated during the manufacturing process to harden the aluminum's surface causing it to have non-stick properties that last for a much longer time. Essentially then, the process used to make the cookware results in it keeping its non-stick properties longer without compromising the other great properties of the cookware.

For example, if you have a ceramic or glass cooktop, you need flat-bottomed hard anodized pans to get the best heat conduction and faster cooking. Flat-bottomed pans are also much less likely to leave scratches on your cooktop, compared to hard anodized cookware with ridged bottoms. Make sure the cookware you choose matches the stove or cooktop you already have.

Cooking with a quality set of non-stick cookware means that you won't need to use nearly as much oil or fat to keep your food from sticking. The all clad stainless steel collection cookware allows you to eliminate unhealthy fats from your diet. After testing some of the of the chemical based non-stick surfaces, some researchers claim that chemically based non-stick surfaces contaminate food with cancer causing carcinogens. This problem does not exist with anodized aluminum cookware sets. Your food won't even acquire the metallic taste some cookware causes; none of the metal treated in this way can contaminate your food.

If you have a large family or regularly entertain, you'll want to look for sets that include more and larger pieces. The standard pieces and sizes of most cookware sets include: 5 to 8-quart stockpot with lid; 2 saucepans between 1 and 3 quarts with lids; 8-inch open skillet; 10-inch open skillet.

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