Basic Information That You Have To Know In Relation To Bhut Jolokia Sauce

by Alba Durham

There are many countries in the world that are proud of the hot sauces that they have. One of the country that has become popular due to its bhut jolokia sauce is India. It was named as the hottest chile in the whole world. It has surpassed the hotness level of the Red Savina Pepper, which was declared as the hottest by the Guinness Book of World Records in the year 1994.

Ten years later, Guinness Records was able to give it the recognition of being the hottest of all chili worldwide. Experts calmed that its hotness is the result of the heat produced by the Red Savina. It continued to become more and more popular since the announcement by the same awarding body.

Indians were able to name the plant as ghost peppers. Not a lot of individuals easily believed the claims of others when it comes its real hotness. Due to the Indian Defense Research Laboratory decided to prove others wrong by conducting a series of tests. The results simply won over the doubts of many.

These plants are also cultivated in Bangladesh and in Sri Lanka. There are also some plantations that are located in some parts of the United States of America and in the United Kingdom. These spicy peppers are commonly pickled and are one of the popular ingredients in curries in India.

It is not a secret that hot sauces extracted from these peppers are surely a very useful aspect of the Indian cuisine. However, it can also be beneficial in some aspects that people may not expect them to be. First, is that they can actually be used in repelling animals such as the elephant. Any reason that makes the stomach upset can also be cured and treated with the use of these peppers.

You already know that India is a hot and tropical country. Many of its residents have invented creative ways for them to get rid of the heat of the weather including the use of these plants. However, it could be difficult to understand how hot chili can actually help in the process. For you to understand this, you have to know that spicy food can actually help you perspire. Once this happens, the heat inside your body can be let out and it will leave you feeling cool.

These peppers actually come in different colors such as green, fiery red and even orange. Unlike Habaneros, they are different because their skin is not smooth and dented. Although their appearance are not the same, they are still cultivated in the same way. The ones that are cultivated in the rainy and humid weather in the Assam region in India are known to be really hot.

The cultivation of these peppers may not be as simple as it seems. There are factors that you have to think about and follow before you can do so. Do not feel taken by the sweet aroma of these plants. Instead, focus on investing on preparing some gear that will protect yourself such as gloves.

An additional gear that you can also prepare are breathing masks and eye wear that will protect your sight. Crushing and grinding is the first step in creating bhut jolokia sauce. Lessening the hotness can be done if you ensure that you will be eating raw pepper with anything that is sweet along with some water.

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