Bacon T-Shirts Are The Best Way To Show Off That Appetite For Bacon

by Alan Mason

T-shirts over the years have become little billboards for what people want to show off. Usually this is something funny and aimless, but many time it's about something that the wearer loves. Do you want to know what I love? I love me some bacon, baby. Sweet, salty, crispy bacon is the best thing I will ever eat. That's why I have bacon t-shirts, and these are some of my favorites...

Everyone loves bacon. It's a universal truth. What is bacon, really? It's delicious and desirable, it makes you want it more than you should, and you become a fat tank of goo if you gobble too much. Isn't that also how you explain what candy is to people? "Bacon Is Meat Candy" is one of my best bacon t-shirts because it preaches the truth, brothers and sisters.

When I wear bacon t-shirts, I want them to be funny. I want people to salivate at the thought of bacon, but also smile because my shirt is witty and fun. My "Wake and Bacon" shirt accomplishes this goal perfectly. Wake and bake is a popular saying based on some more nefarious activities, but there's nothing nefarious about waking up to the smell of some delicious bacon cooking.

As far as trending topics go, you don't get much more trendy than bacon. Of course, I was a baconista before it was cool. I feel like such a bacon connoisseur that I found myself a shirt that says so. My "Baconista" tee signals me out to other bacon fanatics as someone they can trust for bacon advice. I would never steer my fellow baconites wrong.

My shirt that says "I used to think that bacon was bad for me, but then I gave up thinking" is the tee I love most out of all of my bacon t-shirts. I've even managed to get just two grease spots on it so far. That's a pretty good accomplishment. I can't get upset over the fact that bacon is not good for me physically. Bacon is medicine for my soul, so my body will just have to suffer.

Bacon t-shirts are everywhere on the Internet, and they're all pretty dang cool. Just do and Internet search and you'll see for yourself. The shirts I've listed are my favorites, but there are tons more that you may like even more. Even if we can't agree on a shirt that we like, we can at least agree that bacon is a gift from God and should be revered as one of the holiest of holies.'re not a vegetarian, are you?

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