Arthritis Joint Pain Caused by Food Allergies

by Pamela Love

Foods That Cause Joint Pain

A lot of different foods either inflame your arthritis or arthritis is actually a bunch of food allergies, it isn't known which. It doesn't matter, though, because it is certain that if you have joint swelling and pain, it is certain foods that is bringing it on. By avoiding these foods, you'll live a pain-free life with arthritis. Plus, you won't have to take drugs and you won't have to move to the desert.

Food Containing Dairy Causes Joint Pain

Dairy is the most common ingredient that causes joint pain and joint swelling for those with arthritis. Most people are eating so many things that inflame arthritis that they never noticed the connection between joint pain and dairy. By avoiding butter, milk, cheese, whey and all ingredients beginning with "lact," the pain will lessen within a few days.

One trick when shopping for prepacked food in the grocery store is to look for the kosher symbol. There will be a U with a circle around it or a K with a circle around it. If it doesn't say 'dairy' with that little mark then you're good to go, there is no dairy in it. Rabbis will not tolerate any dairy at all in a product they certify to be free of dairy. In Jewish custom, dairy only means milk products, eggs are not considered dairy. There are many kosher symbols, but the circle U and circle K are the most common ones.

Known Joint Pain Foods

Here is a short list of the most common foods that cause joint pain and inflammation for arthritis sufferers: All dairy products, eggs, tomatoes, palm oil and citrus fruits. That is the short list. As you start to weed these foods out of your diet, you'll notice when other foods set off your joint pain right away.

Citric Acid Inflames Arthritis

Citrus, like milk products, is very difficult to avoid. You wouldn't think so, but you will see it on so many things when you shop for food and read ingredients labels. Citric acid is used in most candy that isn't chocolate and it is in just about every soda pop and juice. It is a common preservative in food. This means, you need to make your own candies and give up sodas and juices. Your doctor will be very happy about that one.

Joint Pain Cause by Nightshade Plants

Maybe you've never heard mention of nightshade plants, or thought they were poisonous. In a way, the nightshade vegetable we eat are poisonous for those who have arthritis. Tomato is just one of those plants. Once you clear your system of most food allergens and you eat a tomato, you'll see how much of a problem this cheery, little fruit is causing you. Your fingers will swell and your joints will become extremely tender in a matter of an hour.

Avoiding the foods in this article will get you started in living a pain-free life with arthritis. There are more foods to avoid, but this article points to the biggest problem foods for those suffering with joint pain due to arthritis. If you avoid dairy and tomatoes you'll feel a good deal of relief within a week.

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