Are You Brave Enough To Try Ghost Pepper Wing Sauce

by Maryanne Goff

For those who like their food more than a little bit spicy maybe they ought to try Ghost Pepper Wing sauce. This will really add that additional bite to your wings. Surprisingly not that many people have heard about these Ghost Peppers.

As you would imagine from the name this wing sauce is based on the ghost pepper. At one time this was recorded as the hottest, naturally grown pepper. It has its origins in the Indian states of Assam, Nagaland and Manipur, but it is now grown and cultivated in many other locations.

From these regions it goes under a variety of names. One deciding factor on the name seems to be whether they are grown to the North or South of the Brahmaputra river. If they hale from the North the common name is Bhut Jolokia, whereas the Southern name is Naga Jolokia. Each dialect includes the name Jolokia, but this means that it is a member of the Capsicum chili pepper family. The Northern word Bhut can be translated as ghost.

The Naga Jolokia is slightly different. It refers to the ferocious nature that the legendary Naga warriors displayed in battle. Many feel that this is an apt refection given the very fiery attributes of this chili.

When discussing the heat of chilies many wonder about how such things are measured against other types. To enable each variety to be measured on the same scale something known as the Scoville scale was developed. It was named after it's founder, Wilbur Scoville. Way back in the early 1910's it relied upon a panel of five judges. They would undertake actual taste tests, involving sugar water and elements of the chilies. The element which gives the heat to chilies is known as capsaicin. Despite not being ideal it did produce consistent results in those early days.

Salt is just one commonly used flavour enhancer used in kitchens throughout the world. Another commonly used ingredient is the chili, which might surprise some individuals. However next time you are in your grocery store, take a look at the display of different salsa dressings, they will all contain chilies. Now consider how often these salsas are used on a daily basis. Even foreign recipes will often include chilies as part of their ingredients.

Many are now claiming that some of these hotter chilies also have certain medicinal benefits. Once again it all seems to involve this capsaicin, or the element that gives chilies their heat. Medical trials have been conducted with various levels of success, and quite a few surprising results.

So it is possible to claim that at the same time as adding a certain zing to your food, you can also assure yourself that you are improving your health. The taste and smell alone work wonders of two of your senses. So you can rest assured that any dish which includes this sauce, is going to be enjoyed by all who like their food with an extra bite.

With ghost pepper wing sauce, your wings will be a taste sensation each and every time. A recommendation is to keep this versatile sauce somewhere convenient in your kitchen. Even the blandest of meals can become a mouth watering feast just by using this condiment.

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