An Overview Of Bhut Jolokia Sauce

by Sharlene Fleming

If you are one of the people that just cannot find a hot sauce quite spicy enough for your taste; you absolutely need to try bhut jolokia sauce. The chili that makes up this condiment is even rated in the Guinness World Records book as the hottest chili pepper in the world.

Turning up the heat

The scale used to measure chili pepper intensity was designed by a chemist who developed a method of measuring the active ingredient found in chili peppers. This specific chili has a rating of 330 000 to 1 000 000 heat units on the Scoville scale. While these numbers may not mean much to you, let us make a comparison for perspective sake. Tabasco Red Pepper sauce only rates at 2500 to 5000 heat units on the Scoville scale.

The origins of the pepper

This specific chili pepper is predominantly found in northeast India where it has been used for centuries to make curries with. Although it does pop up in some parts of Sri-Lanka too. It can be used in various forms from raw to powdered but has more recently been discovered by the western world and converted into a sauce. Most of these sauces will be made almost entirely of the chili while some may simply add the chili to milder peppers.

Eating and cooking with it

The chili can be used in various stages of cooking depending on your personal heat tolerance. It is not recommended that you eat it in its raw, fresh state or simply add it to your food in this way either. Cooking it is best to get rid of the initial first intensity. As with any chili; if it burns your lips or skin profusely, it is not well cooked off. A well-rounded chili flavor should warm the mouth and throat but not necessarily burn. But this is really down to preference in the end.

Uses in weaponry

The fact that residents in northeast India use the chili pepper by smearing it along fences and making smoke bombs out if it in order to scare away elephants really goes to show off how intense it is. However, there has also been research into how the bhut jolokia can also be used in hand grenades and pepper sprays. The chili is said to be so potent that even those who package it need to wear full protective regalia.

The anatomy of the chili

It is easily identifiable as it is known for its small, stocky size and airy thin skin. It grows no larger than your thumb and is most commonly red. Yellow, orange and dark brown varieties also make an appearance. Although there are some smooth ones almost all of them are rough and wrinkled.

Is it possible to enjoy it?

Yes, they do! They may sound scary but there are a few chili connoisseurs that absolutely have to have them. If you are someone that enjoys the thrill of mind-numbing heat, you must get your hands on some bhut jolokia sauce. If you do not like it, it is still something great to pull out at a dinner party. Your foodie friends will surely be marveled.

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