An Array Of Foods And Recipes Enhanced By Creole Seasonings

by Angel Dudley

Creole seasonings consist of a blend of several herbs and spices, which may vary among recipes. They are used in an array of tasty creole dishes, from chicken jambalaya to shrimp gumbo. While the seasoning blend is used regularly in Louisiana-based cuisine, it is versatile enough to be used in a broad assortment of other foods, as well.

Creole seasoning is another term used for the blend known as creole seasonings. It typically contains such items as thyme, garlic powder, onion powder, pepper and salt. It might also contain seasoning salt, oregano and paprika. Some people prefer to add other ingredients that appeal to them, and others like to be as creative as possible when making the blend at home.

A classic Louisiana recipe is gumbo, which is an aromatic stew with plenty of spice. The stew is typically thickened with various items such as okra, ground sassafras leaves, or flour and fat. People use a variety of main ingredients in gumbo, including chicken, sausage, shrimp, and catfish. The finished product is a flavorful dish, and it might be accompanied by rice, or by crusty bread topped with melted butter.

Another delicious stew that might require the seasonings blend is known as jambalaya. Two main ingredients that could go into jambalaya are shrimp and chicken. The tasty stew often contains onions, celery and peppers. Rice is also found in jambalaya, and innumerable people add sausage, as well. Tomatoes, hot sauce, chicken stock, flour and butter are all ingredients that could likely be used in a recipe for jambalaya.

The dish known as red beans and rice is enjoyed by millions of people. When soaked in water overnight, red beans take less time to cook thoroughly. The might be cooked in a slow cooker, or in a pot on a stove. Many people like to add flavor to their red beans with ham, and others use sausage. Various spices could also be utilized in addition to the seasoning blend, along with things like bell pepper, onion and garlic. The beans may be served over a bowl of boiled or steamed rice, after they have been cooked completely.

A profusion of other recipes may benefit from the addition of the tasty seasoning blend, as innumerable people have discovered. One dish that tastes delicious with the blend added is roasted chicken and rice. Vegetable soup can be given extra flavor with a dash or two of the seasonings. Rubbing the blend onto meat or fish is an easy way to add some spice.

In addition to soups, stews, and main dishes, the blend of herbs and spices could be appropriate in an array of other foods. Numerous individuals like to sprinkle the blend on things like salads, rice, and scrambled eggs. There seems to be no end to the list of foods that may be seasoned with creole herbs and spices.

Finding a recipe that traditionally utilizes the blend could be the best way to try creole seasonings. A vast array of delicious possibilities can be explored by searching the Internet. It may also be fun to add the seasoning blend to other food items, once an individual has already prepared one or two classic recipes.

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