All About Growing Culinary Herbs

by Melba Hardy

Culinary herbs in Alaska are probably one of the most precious ingredients you can have in your kitchen. These wonderful plants are used to help make dishes become more delicious. Each one of them has a distinct flavor and aroma that could enhance the flavor of any food that you will cook it with. Herbs are also known for their medicinal and aesthetic value.

You can easily find these ingredients from your grocery or from your local produce. However, if you are fond of using them, it is better if you will consider growing them in right at home. There are so many advantages to having an herb garden. For one, you get to save a lot of money. You will also have a steady supply of fresh herb without worrying that these will run out.

One of the advantages of growing such plants is these are normally small in size. For this reason, location is not really a big issue as long as there will be enough sunlight for the plants. You can plant them outside the house or inside boxes and placed on your windowsill, countertop, or dining table.

Before you will start planting, you need to do some research first. You should plan every herb that you would want to grow. Keep in mind that each type of herb is unique. Each one differs in terms of how much water and sunlight is needed. Harvest time is even different with every herb you will plant.

For the seedlings, what you can do is buy the seeds you need and cultivate them inside the box. To make things more convenient for you, there are now kits that contain seeds, fertilizer, and soil. Another option that is available is purchase one of those boxes that already have seedlings inside and can just be transferred or not.

Your herbs are best planted in soil that has a well draining property. Avoid soil that has the tendency to retain water because your plants are going to be in trouble. Soil that is always wet can be bad news for some plants because the rots will be rotten. It is better to choose soil that is a bit dry since this can produce a very flavorful herb.

When using fertilizer, one thing to remember is putting too much can have a negative effect on the plant. Another thing to keep in mind is use fertilizer that is good for edible plants. If possible choose only organic products. For the pesticide, it is safer to consider something organic or something that does not have toxic chemicals.

Your herbs also need some trimming every once in a while for this will help make them grow fuller. If you are always cooking, this would be no problem. Be very careful when trimming your plants. Only use sharp shears and scissors to make each cut clean. Rugged cuts look bad and can even prevent the growth of new leaves.

Growing culinary herbs in Alaska is a very useful thing to. It is always convenient to have access to fresh ingredients anytime of the day. It is always great to have a garden especially if you love food and your health.

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