All About Crystal Wine Decanter

by Dianne Crane

It is a fact that many red wines and even a few white ones taste great only when they are aerated. This ensures that the drink is not bitter. Another term that is usually used in place of aeration is decanting. This term refers to the act of pouring drink from one container into another so that it is allowed to settle for a few hours. The device used for this process is a crystal wine decanter. It is specifically designed for aeration and much of the experience of wines comes from the way it is used.

Not only are decanting containers elegant to look at but also provide a lot of color to the drink. They are an entertainment device that serves as an excellent point of attraction for guests. Moreover, leaving these containers on your wine-rack draws the attention of others. Moreover, using lead free glass ensures that the drink tastes better without any potential dangers.

It is a fact that all wines taste different and those that are aerated usually taste much better. In fact, if your winemaker tends to add in tannins during the making then you will definitely have to use a decanting container to get a full taste. This is because tannin in grapes tends to sour up a drink. With a decanting container, you are removing tannins through sedimentation and ensuring that the temperature is just right for consumption. These drinks are better taken when aerated.

Merlot, Bordeaux and Chianti are red wines that normally contain high amounts of tannins and therefore need to be decanted for getting the full taste. Commonly consumed red wines tend to be higher in tannin body while whites are believed to lack this substance. Nevertheless, many folks like to have their Chardonnays and White Burgundies treated through a decanting container before having it. It does taste better in the end.

When wines are old they taste less bitter but decanting them is done for an entirely different reason. Aeration involves leaving a wine sitting in a container. This tends to remove sediments from the wines that usually build up in older wines. Drinking with sediments changes the texture and feel of the drink and it also looks awful.

By removing sediments from your drink you are bettering the overall experience. Moreover, it is embarrassing to find small particles floating around in the drink you offer your friend or guest. By leaving wines in a decanting container for a couple of hours before having it, you ensure that all particles settle down at the bottom.

In the past these containers were made from lead full glasses, now manufacturers are rising up to health concerns and making lead free glasses. They are safer to store drinks in and can be used for longer periods. Moreover, they ensure that lead, a dangerous substance never enters your body.

Some of the popular decanting container makers today are Baccarat, Bohemian, Waterford, and others. Their crystal wine decanter is actually unique with high quality craftsmanship. Any decanting container you purchase from them shall definitely last a long time.

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