All About Bhut Jolokia Hot Sauce

by Lenore Bolton

Bhut jolokia hot sauce is celebrated chili pepper more so in India as it is mainly grown and farmed there. It is famously known as ghost pepper in western nations. It is considered the fieriest pepper across the world above any other known hot sauce. This type of chili is hardly found on the shelves of local grocery stores perhaps due to its intense heat.

Habanero was previously the hottest pepper in the earth prior before ghost peppers took over that reputation. It is amazing to note that ghost peppers are 3 times hotter compared to habanero. The heat brought about this chili sauce is calculated in Scoville units. A hot chili indicates a high Scoville unit reading. Therefore, since ghost peppers generate remarkable heat, they measure way above the one million Scoville unit mark.

The DNA composition of ghost pepper was debatable a few years back. Studies that were conducted revealed that its composition is made up of mainly Capsicum chinense pepper with a bit of Capsicum frutescens genes. You will note that other intensely hot chili contain only the capsicum chinense.

The entry of Bhut Jolokia in the Guinness Book of World records as the fieriest pepper in the earth today has served to increase the knowledge of people about this product. Lovers of spicy foods have fallen in love with hot sauces. Recent activities and greater than before television coverage has boosted the image of this hot sauce.

Protective gloves are recommended for those who love to blend ghost pepper so as to avoid likely irritation to the skin. A significant amount of people love the painful delight brought about by the taste of this unique pepper. That explains its increasing high demand with many people considering the thought of growing this type of pepper in their homes.

Having your garden planted with ghost peppers enables you to enjoy your zesty recipes. Additionally, you can try mixing the different types of chili with the view of making the hottest sauce ever. You can invite your friends to have a look at your homegrown ghost peppers.

You only require a small piece of land to grow this type of pepper in your home garden. It may take up to thirty days for the germination process to fully take place. Normally, fourteen days is enough for the germination process to take shape. Do not rush to use ghost peppers in your dishes just because you read somewhere about its hot flavor.

Bhut jolokia hot sauce generates intense heat therefore caution is advised for those consuming it. Have a glass of water or milk nearby in the event things go out of control. You are advised to properly wash your hands with detergent solutions when handling this sizzling chili. Avoid making contact with your eyes, ears, face and other susceptible areas of the body. Small children should not use hot peppers in their meals. This is very important to note.

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