Advisable Steps To Note In Chicken Processing California Area

by Celia Hall

The process associated with chicken processing California region, is a task that requires the people involved to stick to certain procedures. It is always advisable to ensure the product which is food is kept clean and above all keep the product safe for consumption. Sooner or later the product will definitely be consumed by the residents in this area or by other human beings from different states.

The task of feeding the hens must come to and end eight to twelve hours to slaughter time. That has to happen before slaughtering time arrives. People must then watch that as it is very important in this process. Chickens must be denied food for that few hours to keep the hens from contamination. This act also is helpful in reducing the number of broken intestines. This act is also meant to allow time for changes to occur in the gut.

The best time to collect the hens is early in the morning. The collection task can also be carried out in the night. Such times are the perfect times to collect the chickens because they are so peaceful at such times. Chickens can be collected one by one if the operation is small. This should be avoided if the operation is large as it might take longer time to collect all the hens. When collecting them, one must hold both legs right above the feet.

Once all the chickens have been collected, an individual should then get the crates. Crates will be used for transportation and other activities. These crates should not come into contact at all with the ground. If they come into contact then there are higher chances of them being infected by fecal substances. It is true that there could be materials or water on the floor in the slaughter house.

The act of slaughtering the chickens requires bleeding cones. A person must therefore ensure they are within reach before killing the chickens. Most bleeding cones are made of steel. Steel is a material which is resistant to rust. These cones usually come in different sizes. A person can also come up with his or her own cone. It is very possible to make one using traffic plastic cones that are inverted.

After the slaughtering task is over a person should remove the remains from the bleeding cones. Remember that the carcasses are only removed once they are not bleeding anymore. The hens should then be placed on a scald tank. This tank has heat that will help break down the proteins. When that process is over, one should take the chicken out and remove the preen gland. One should then get a shackle and suspend the hen.

The next thing is to remove the crop. The other things that should be removed from the remains of the chicken are the internal organs. To remove the internal organs a person must cut the body cavity to make it open. One should then examine the internal organs.

The above steps are important. A person interested in chicken processing California region should look for such information. Such steps can help one learn something.

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