Add A Kick To Your Cooking With Arizona Chili Spices

by Cornelia White

When you're in a cooking rut and need some new meal ideas, take a simple route and try adding some Arizona chili spices to any of your regular recipes. You'll be amazed what a sprinkle of chipotle or poblano powder or a little green pepper paste can do to spice things up. These blends and mixes aren't just for Tex-Mex or Southwest cooking either. They will transform any traditional stew and soup recipes and add a kick to vegetables and salads.

Arizona chili spices come in a many different varieties. In addition to the intense powders, like poblano, chipoltle, ancho and Jalisco, there are many unique mixes available. These make great rubs for any type of meat. These seasonings also makes a great salt substitute for those trying to lower their sodium intake. You get tons of flavor without the negative health effects.

Farming has a long history in the Southwest. The climate is just ideal for growing and the sun and heat provide an intensity to these chilies that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Just as wine grapes, oranges and other crops have there ideal growing climate, chilies thrive in Arizona.

The other thing about buying Arizona chili spices is that most of the growers and manufacturers are small, family-owned farms and business. There is a long history of farming in areas like the Santa Cruz and Sulphur Springs Valley. In fact the largest pepper ever grown comes from the farm fields of Arizona. These are not mass-produced and manufactured blends that come from giant industrial farms. These are long time farmers who have been tilling the land for generations.

Chilies go naturally with Southwest and Mexican meals, but they go with any type of cooking. Poblano and ancho powders and mixes add a smoky flavor to stews and soups. Of course for adding heat, nothing beats a dash of fresh cayenne powder or a habanera hot-sauce. The seasoning mixes make great dips for parties and get-togethers. Each manufacturer has a unique blend, so have fun and experiment. All you need is some cream cheese or sour cream.

The choices are limited in most grocery aisles and looking for a specialty market takes time. The simplest way to find good Arizona chili spices is to go online. There are plenty of manufactures and many farmers sell direct to consumers. The fun part is figuring out what to buy. Each manufacturer have there own unique blends and mixes so try a variety.

These mixes make great gifts too. Most retailers have gift baskets that are pre-made for your convenience. You can also put together your own selection. For a gift that keeps on giving, sign up for the spice-a-month club. You'll get a new seasoning mix every month. It will keep your cooking fresh and unique. They'll all ship products internationally too.

If you are tired of the same old meals, a simple way to change things up is to add some Arizona chili spices. Scratch cooks will love experimenting with the unique flavors and spices while those on the run will love the pre-made marinades and mixes. Order a variety and have some fun. Chilies add a whole new dimension to any style of cooking.

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