About Very Popular Welsh Cookies

by Eugenia Dickerson

Welsh cookies became very popular lately, but they really are traditional Welsh desserts. Although they taste very similar to ordinary cookies, you don't make them in the oven. Instead, you cook the dough on a pancake griddle. Easy to prepare and very tasty, these small snacks can be a perfect dessert after your lunch, or a nice breakfast choice.

It would be ideal to have a temperature controlled griddle for making Welsh cookies, but your nonstick skillet will do the job. In any case, the temperature should be around one hundred and sixty degrees, and you should be very careful not to burn your cakes. They should become golden brown.

Every traditional recipe, and you will find a whole lot of them, contain a few basic ingredients. Regular flour and baking powder, and some baking soda, can be replaced with self raising flour, of course. In some recipes they use added baking powder anyway, to get fluffier cakes. Other traditional ingredients are raisins, currants, nutmeg, cinnamon, sugar, butter and eggs.

Round Welsh cakes are traditional, but all other shapes are good as well. The dough should be one half of an inch up to one inch thick. Don't make it too thin, because you might burn it, or too thick, because they won't be baked as they should. They should become golden brown.

Some recipes contain all kinds of berries, or even grated apples. Fresh fruits add moist, and your cakes will last longer and be tastier this way. Dried fruits can also be added, for example apricots. You should chop them to small pieces and add them in your mixture, together with your favorite spices.

One traditional recipe contains four hundred grams of flour, appropriate amount of baking powder and a little bit of baking soda, one hundred grams of currants, one egg, a pinch of salt, one hundred and fifty grams of sugar, some nutmeg and a little bit of milk. Original recipe contains one hundred and twenty grams of lard and the same amount of butter, but you can use only butter instead.

You should prepare your dough just like you would prepare a pie crust, but a little bit moister. It means you should mix dry ingredients with the fat ones, until you get crumbs, and add egg and currants with as much milk as you need. You don't have to keep the dough in the freezer, but you can save it there for a day or two.

The dough can be easily frozen and used when it suits you. A temperature controlled griddle would be ideal, but you can use your frying pan instead. Use very small amount of fat for greasing your pan, and be careful not to burn your cakes. If you have a very thick frying pan, it will be very good choice for this.

These lovely Welsh cookies are widely popular thanks to their great taste. Try the original recipe, and then you can add your favorite spices to it, according to your own taste. It is not advisable to put chocolate in the mixture, but chocolate cream will taste great with both hot and cold desserts.

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