About Making The Best Fajitas

by Brandie Montgomery

You can find a lot of people who are fond of eating both Tex Mex and Mexican dishes. They love the way that each of the dish has that sweet and spicy taste that can make both heart and stomach warm. One of the dishes that many are fond of is the fajita. It is what you call grilled meat eaten with tortilla. This is so popular that there will always be someone who will be looking for best fajitas in Houston.

Traditionally, fajitas are made by using a beef or more specifically skirt steak. However, there are other kinds of meat that you can use if you are going to make a fajita. Now, it is possible to use pork and chicken. You can even use shrimp if you are more into seafood. These variations help many people to still enjoy the dish even if they will not be able to eat certain kinds of meat.

Fajitas are not just all about the meat because there are also other ingredients that will be used to make it. A fajita is never complete if it will not have any vegetables. Two ingredients that are always present are onion and bell pepper. To make the dish more flavorful and colorful, it is recommended to use green, red, and yellow peppers.

A fajita is most of the times made by grilling the meat strips for around 6 minutes. However, one still has other options if he not into grilling. Those with an oven can use this to cook their meat. One more method that one can try is frying it in the pan. This method is usually very convenient if you find grilling to messy.

One of the secret weapons that you can use for making a really good fajita is your marinade. You can get more flavors in your meat if you will allow it to marinate for a few hours or even overnight. Marinating is also applicable to the vegetables. For the marinade, you can use different herbs, spices, soy sauce, and liquor.

No fajita is over complete without any condiments on the side. It is very important to serve fajitas with a condiment since this will help give the fajita that extra kick or zing. The most popular kind of condiment you can make is the Pico de gallo. You can also serve it with guacamole, shredded cheese, and sour cream.

For a tastier fajita, a good tip you can follow is to make your own tortilla instead of serving one that was already ready made. Food made from scratch is more delicious than instant products. Making the tortilla is also going to give you the option to make something that is thick or thin.

To make things more interesting, it is also a good idea to serve the fajita in different ways. For example, you serve it on a stick for presentation and for easy eating. This will work best during cocktails and when feeding kids.

It would be very nice if you can master the art of making the best fajitas in Houston. You will always be proud of this skill. You can use it to entertain others or even to earn money.

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